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Thermoforming with high efficiency
Source:    Author:By Staff Reporter    Date:23.Jul.2015

Amut’s VPK-C84 in live demonstration


Italy-based Amut Group demonstrated live its VPK-C84 automatic thermoforming machine for rigid packaging such as trays, punnets and containers.


With a sturdy structure, the company said it offers high performance at low energy consumption. Forming is done with compressed air and/or vacuum. A quick clamp system is equipped for forming and punching mold, cutting and stacking tools.


Composed of three stations: forming, steel rule die cutting and stacking, the VPK-C84 is suitable for cutting tougher materials, such as polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and polypropylene (PP) at high cycle rates.


The machine has a forming and punching area of 840x560mm, with a maximum film width of 880mm.


Illig focuses on Intelligent Control concept


Germany’s Illig higlighted its automatic roll fed thermoformers of the RDK series that is incorporated with its IC (Intelligent Control) concept.


Hinged food packs were manufactured on an IC-RDK 80 thermoformer out of amorphous PET (APET) with a maximum forming area of 756x565mm. Equipped with a 10-up mold the line reaches a speed of up to 50 cycles per minute.


Its new ILLIG IC concept is responsible for optimizing the energy efficiency of this servo-driven thermoforming machine which works in the forming-punching method.


Various functions of Illig’s new IC concept are developed with the aim to increase productivity, reproducibility, availability and operating convenience.


For instance, under its ThermoLineControl system, the operation of all individual machines of the thermoforming line can be centrally managed, monitored, optimized and controlled from the control panel of the forming station.


This feature provides increased operator convenience, e.g. for process optimization and data management. It also saves time and effort during a mold or format change while raising the machine’s availability rate (productivity) at the same time.


The machine’s operating sequences are managed via a so-called motion control system. It ensures that the position of each movement can be unambiguously determined and hence, accurately controlled at all times. This makes it possible to simplify the programs governing the thermoforming sequence, so that the task of selecting the right machine settings is facilitated.


A compensating controller is now used to ensure a constant film temperature via continuous automatic adaptation of the heating element temperature or heating time, respectively.


At the same time, the forming air pressure, temperature and cooling water throughput are monitored inside the mold.


Illig also developed the “sas-up” self-adaptive start-up mode that helps to reduce the consumption of semi-finished input material.


Kiefel putting emphasis on stacking unit


Kiefel, a Brückner Group’s company, enjoyed the most successful year in its history last year. Turnover, including its subsidiary companies, increased by approximately 20% at well over 100 million euro, surpassing the previous record year in 2013.


Celebrating its 60th anniversary this year, the company is confident of a better future.

Andreas Frisch (left), Managing Director of SWA and Director of Automotive & Appliance Industry at Kiefel, poses with Reinhold Plot, Kiefel’s Marketing Manager. 

There will be steady growth in food packaging including trays, containers and hinged packs worldwide definitely within the next five years driven by three factors: growing world population, even more urbanization and a growing middle class worldwide," observed Thomas Huber, Director Sales Packaging Industry, Kiefel.


At CHINAPLAS 2015, Kiefel focused on the efficient stacking in the packaging area with demonstration of its new system KEST 78/56.


Highly transparent, polypropylene (PP) cups were produced on the KTR 5 SPEED thermoforming machine combined with the innovative stacking system KEST 78/56.


An efficient stacking system brings about a quicker removal and packaging or filling of formed parts and thereby increases productivity, the company explained.


"The forming and punching stations of our speed pressure forming machines already work very efficiently. But we realized that time can still be saved during the following steps," explained Thomas J. Halletz, Managing Director of Kiefel.


Having acquired SWA Technologies in 2014, Kiefel is also bringing its expertise in the manufacture of door panels and instruments to China.


We can now offer the punching unit together with SWA as a complete solution for the industry,” emphasized Andreas Frisch, Managing Director of SWA and Director of Automotive & Appliance Industry at Kiefel.


Mr Frisch also revealed that Kiefel is engineering a new Smartformer machine for the packaging industry that is expected to be introduced this year. A Sharpformer is also in the making for the appliance industry.      



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