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LSR processing a highlight of Arburg at Taipei Plas 2014
Source:Source: CPRJ Editorial Team    Editor:(AL)    Date:14.Aug.2014

One of Arburg's highlight at Taipei Plas 2014 is its liquid silicone rubber (LSR) and powder material processing technology with its Allrounder injection molding machine.

Since LSR is a non-recyclable material, it is important to achieve waste-free production. Arburg will demonstrate such technology on a hydraulic Allrounder 370 S, which has a clamping force of 700kN and a size 290 injection unit.

The exhibit uses a mold supplied by Rico featuring an open cold runner system and manufactures in a cycle time of 50s per four bottle openers. The LSR dosing unit from Reinhardt-Technik is integrated, with part demolding parts via compressed air.

Arburg's equipment package includes an LSR-cylinder module, six adaptive, optionally expandable mold heating circuits and numerous interfaces for peripherals.

The peripherals as well as robotic systems can be integrated directly into the sequence programming of the Selogica machine control system. There are several additional options that can be combined with these features as required. These include vacuum and mold blow units, water flow switches and interfaces for brush and demolding devices.

Arburg will demonstrate its powder injection molding (PIM) capability in combination with assembly injection molding with the production of a metal key ring.

A hydraulic Allrounder 320 C Golden Edition with a clamping force of 500kN clamping force and a size 100 injection unit manufactures a key chain with two irreversibly linked metal parts in a 45s cycle.

A Multilift Select robotic system that is fully integrated into the Selogica machine control system removes the finished part and gently sets it down.

The vacuum of the slide mold is monitored and the mold temperature control is regulated via a special hot runner system adapted to powder processing.

Taipei Plas 2014 will be held in Taipei, Taiwan from September 26-30.



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