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Bluebook on China’s polycarbonate industry published in Shanghai
Source:Source: CPRJ Editorial Team    Editor:(Chun Cheng)    Date:06.Aug.2018

The China Polycarbonate Industry Development Bluebook, compiled jointly by Covestro and its industry peers, was released in Shanghai, aiming to advance the sustainable development of the local industry for the popular engineering plastics.

We expect that with this bluebook, the industry could have a clearer and more accurate understanding of the polycarbonate sector, so as to make rational investments,” said Kai Zheng, chairman of the China Synthetic Resin Supply and Sales Association, which supervises the China Polycarbonate Association (CNPCA) that published the report.

The bluebook was authored by 23 companies along the polycarbonate value chain in China, including Covestro. It comprises chapters pertaining to the industry’s history and status quo, production processes and applications, as well as relevant regulations and policies, among other topics.

The bluebook will serve as a good reference for the polycarbonate industry value chain, aiming to enhance the overall competitiveness of the local industry,” said Terence Yau, Vice President of the Covestro Polycarbonates Business Unit in China.

Polycarbonates are highly versatile materials. We as businesses should explore more differentiated and innovative applications in areas such as automotive and electronics to make the market even bigger and add even more value,” added Yau.

Established in June 2017, CNPCA is the first industry group for polycarbonates in China. The association aims to foster the sustainable development of China’s polycarbonate industry by serving as a bridge linking the government and businesses. Covestro is a vice chairman of CNPCA.



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