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Moretto showcases energy-saving and intelligent auxiliary systems
Source:Source: CPRJ Editorial Team    Editor:    Date:15.May.2019

At the booth of Italian leading auxiliary equipment manufacturer Moretto, the innovative solutions that take center stage are the result of a continuous investment on technological development. They are distinguished by being efficient and low energy consumption machines, conceived with the criteria of Industry 4.0 and based on the respect for environmental needs.

One of those on display at CHINAPLAS 2019 is the Moisture Meter Manager, a real excellence in Moretto’s drying range. This revolutionary device reads in-line the moisture content of the granule, manages and controls in close loop the drying process, guaranteeing product certification and energy savings.

Moisture Meter Manager is equipped with the sensor MM CROWN for measuring the moisture of the granule. When it enters the hopper, this detection allows the system to accurately predict the drying process that the dryer must handle.

The dried material exiting by the hopper is further analyzed by the MM BOX sensor that, thanks to the exclusive Power-Peak technology, measures with an extraordinary precision the exact content of water present in the polymer (from 3000 up to 15 ppm, with a temperature range of 20-180°C).

Using the range between initial and final moisture levels allows Moisture Meter Manager to automatically manage the dryer working conditions and to maximize process performances only using the strictly necessary energy. This creates a perfect close loop that integrates the dryer into a fully automatic adaptive system.

At the show, Moretto also showcases some “mini dryers” proposals. The X Comb range, thanks to its powerful turbocompressors, zeolite technology, dew point equalizer (up to -60°C) and exclusive OTX hopper, is suitable for drying small quantities of material (hourly production from 1 to 20 Kg/h) in the medical sector.

Maximum efficiency and auto calibration are strategic factors for an optimal transport of plastic materials. For this area, the company presents EXA, a flexible conveying system able to manage up to 6 Kasko receivers, including powerful suction units with side channels VS E, cyclone filter FC suitable for the transport of large quantities of granules or dusty regrinds.

The system is connected with MOWIS, Moretto’s supervising system and is manageable by portable devices Master K key pad and Master 300 touch view. The Exa system is complete equipment which ensures high control, performance and great flexibility in case of expansion of the system.

In the process of transformation of plastic materials, dosing is a matter of precision, but also of control and monitoring. Moretto displays its new loss-in-weight dosing unit DPK, the gravimetric dosing unit DGM Gravix and DBK Gramixo, which are excellent for extrusion. These devices allow high precision dosing, modularity, reaction speed, connectivity and remote control.

Te-Ko temperature controllers complete the displayed range of products. They ensure absolute efficiency and precision in the automatic temperature control both in the molds of the injection molding machines and in the cylinders and rollers of the extruders.

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