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DSM and AMT partner to optimize materials and post-processing for 3D printing
Source:CPRJ Editorial Team    Editor:(SC)    Date:25.Oct.2019

Royal DSM, a company at the forefront of post-processing technology, announced just a partnership focused on providing customers with comprehensive 3D printing solutions.

Together, DSM and AMT will focus efforts on accelerating the adoption of additive manufacturing by offering customers solutions that include DSM’s filament and powder materials and AMT’s post-processing technology.

Customers will see a first benefit from the collaboration as DSM’s Arnitel and Novamid filaments, as well as Arnite T PBT powders, will be optimized with AMT’s automated post-processing machine, PostPro3D, saving end users time, money and energy.

Traditional post-processing – a highly manual process - is attributed to nearly 60% of the costs of additive manufacturing. PostPro3D enables manufacturers to produce sealed, smooth parts with surface quality as good as injection molded components. AMT’s PostPro3D is safe, sustainable and one of the world’s only UL approved post-processing machines.

The two companies will share the advantages of DSM’s materials and AMT’s technology across their combined global network, providing customers in key industries like automotive, healthcare, electronics and wearables, with all-encompassing guidance and support.

More joint developments are currently being worked on, including the ability to add color to printed PBT parts.

“Post-processing is often overlooked when investing in 3D printing, while it’s an important part of a scaled additive manufacturing solution. We’re excited that we can now offer our customers an integrated solution that is safe and sustainable,” said Nirali Surati, Product Manager Additive Manufacturing at DSM. “Automated post-processing will enable 3D printing to become a competitive industrial manufacturing method.”

We are delighted to partner with DSM to open up real and scalable opportunities with additive manufacturing for a wide range of industrial applications. For too long, additive manufacturing has been viewed as a standalone solution for prototyping and small volumes, which often leads to disappointment or abandoned projects. It is only by considering the entire manufacturing process chain, including optimum material selection and automated post processing, that the extensive potential of additive manufacturing can be realized for increasing volumes of parts,” said Joseph Crabtree, CEO at AMT.



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