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Bandera introduces a new concept of 7-layer blown film line
Source:CPRJ Editorial Team    Editor:NL    Date:19.Nov.2019

Bandera introduced a brand new concept of its 7-layer blown film line, Barrier Flex Seven. This line was shown running at the K 2019.

The Barrier Flex Seven line is a unique solution combining barrier and high barrier blown, and high-throughput polyolefin film production.

According to Andrea Prina, Sales Manager, Bandera, the new Barrier Flex 7-layer complete co-extrusion blown film line on display at the show has been sold to a customer from Indonesia.

Commenting on the market outlook, Prina said the Far East is a potential market. “We have installed different lines in the region, including Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan and South Korea.”

“The China market is relatively difficult because there are a lot of local competitors. In terms of price, it’s very difficult to win the battle. But we have moved our office in China from Beijing to Shanghai, where you can find different plastics companies. In general, Shanghai is an important place for the plastics industry. With the new move, we could expect better results.”

He emphasized that Bandera is leader of blown film lines in China, where it has sold the lines for different applications.

Some unique configuration of the new line includes 28-component gravimetric dosing system, changeover active control, high efficiency double flow cooling ring, special calibration cage, web centre guide, etc.

The line offers customers a great flexibility, without affecting either hourly output performance, in case of polyolefin film production, or end-product quality level (optimized tolerance ranges) when producing barrier film.

Energy efficiency was carefully considered in designing Barrier Flex Seven – Bandera implemented low-energy drivers and reluctance motor systems for synchronised operation to minimize noise emissions and considerably simplify maintenance requirements.

The need for interconnected lines has driven Bandera to redesign blown film line control system thoroughly, radically improving process management and optimization.

Enhanced line control system maximizes communication with industrial equipment and systems for data collection and monitoring: an open connectivity with corporate information systems offers fast and efficient data collection and management. The introduction of the IoE – Internet of Extrusion, an innovative HMI (Human Machinery Interface) results in simplified diagnostics for driver and motor predictive maintenance and increased process control parameter accessibility.

A wide and bright 3D synoptic display offers an overall one-glance overview of machinery and system status, as well as options to view remotely from a tablet or smartphone.

Open day event at Bandera headquarters

As usual, in conjunction with the K 2019 trade fair, Bandera House of Extrusion hosted an open door event – at its Research and Development Centre in Busto Arsizio, Italy.

Bandera offered visitors to see the following lines:

  • Additional 3 and 7-layer blown film lines for the converting and flexible packaging industry, as well as line sections for multi-layer agrifilm extrusion and waterproofing geomembranes.

  • A brand new flat-die extrusion line for the rigid packaging sector mainly dedicated to the production of 5-layer rigid PET and PLA film for food packaging applications.



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