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The new dryer from Piovan optimized for the treatment of rPET
Source:Source: CPRJ Editorial Team    Editor:NL    Date:20.Nov.2019

The new GenesysNext dryer line of Piovan just got its world premiere at K 2019. The new patented PETformance and PureTech systems ensure the GenesysNext is able to process any type or percentage of PET material, guaranteeing the highest level of quality at the lowest cost per preform produced.

As introduced, this drying system is distinguished by self-adaptive technology that is now also optimized for the treatment of recycled PET (rPET). It also comes with more intuitive control.

“The purpose of this dryer is to work better with recycled material – rPET. We’re working closely with recyclers and also with customers to develop and use machines that are better for recycled materials,” said Peter Dal Bo, Chief Commercial Officer.

The dryer introduces for the first time the concept of a direct connection between the drying and the injection processes, thanks to the capability to read the injection process in real time and to minimize and stabilize it on the set value. In this way the target is maximum efficiency of the complete production process with scrap rate reduced to a minimum level.

The new dryers can automatically manage the drying process by setting all the critical parameters: from the process air flow rate to its dew point value, from the residence time to the temperature, maintaining optimum operating conditions even as hourly production and initial temperature and humidity conditions of the plastic granules vary.

Peter Dal Bo mentioned that recycled materials are presenting new challenges, for example, the rPET may contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs), so Piovan improved its systems to ensure that the recyclates are clean.

The Italian manufacturer also introduced the new inline instrument called InspectaBe, which can measure the level of benzene, a kind of VOC, inside the preforms.

Previously producers needed to bring the preforms to the laboratory for tests with chemical, which is a long process. With InspectaBe, producers can place it beside the injection molding machine, put the preforms in and wait 30 minutes for the results.

“As a matter of fact, plastic is part of our life. I think recycling and circular economy will be the future of plastics. It is going to drive new innovations, such as bioplastics and recycled plastics,” Peter Dal Bo emphasized.



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