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COLINES hails the “K” factor
Source:Source: CPRJ Editorial Team    Editor:(VC)    Date:21.Nov.2019

Italian-based extrusion line manufacturer COLINES enjoyed a big success at K 2019. This success was fed by a constant and significant attendance and various commercial agreements signed during the trade fair.

There were also various follow-up visits to the company’s premises by customers interested in viewing the wide range of machinery proposed by COLINES in action.

"A few editions ago, COLINES began to climb positions in the international ranking and now our company has established itself as one of the world’s leading players in the extrusion industry, ” remarked CEO Eraldo Peccetti.

“I am positive that this is the outcome of those investments made in technology that allowed us to distinguish ourselves among our competitors,” he explained. “Now we are not planning to stopping, we are already working to propose new technological solutions and leading-edge products even anticipating the future trends”.

“Facing the present and future challenges connected to energy saving (infrared ray heaters adopted in our mono-orientation units comes to mind), and developing mono-material solutions for products that are ever more sustainable, new important markets are opening up for our company, whilst our main markets keep on growing,” added Anthony Michael Caprioli, the commercial director.

COLINES’ choice to put the ALLrollEX 3000 stretch film line on stage and perform daily demo runs was rewarding with resulting orders. As said, visitors were admired by the high quality of the film, and the reliable and simple functioning of the line.



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