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HASCO adapters for different locating ring diameters
Source:Source: CPRJ Editorial Team    Editor:(VC)    Date:11.Dec.2019

HASCO introduces the new HASCO locating ring adapters Z7500/... which allow tool-free adaption for different diameters with no need for machining.

A locating ring facilitates the installation of injection molds in the machine.

As introduced, the spring washers supplied with the adapter ensure its frictional tensioning.

A large lead-in chamfer allows easy installation in the injection mold with an 8 mm guide. Lever slots are provided as a dismantling aid.

The stainless steel locating ring adapters are suitable for clean rooms and come in inch and metric versions.

All the locating ring adapters have an unambiguous laser inscription to ensure rapid and error-free deployment of the correct adapter in production.



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