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Braskem and partners launch packaging made from bio-based plastics and PCR resin
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:(SC)    Date:08.Jan.2020

Working to drive the circular economy in packaging as well, one of its main business segments, Braskem announced another partnership to leverage the development of sustainable solutions.

All 1-liter and 5-liter packaging of the Brazilian company Biowash, a specialist in the development of 100%-biodegradable natural homecare products, now will be made from a mixture of renewable plastic, made from sugarcane, and post-consumer resin (PCR).

Reinforcing the importance of collaboration, the partnership also includes the converter Greco & Guerreiro, which is responsible for producing and supplying the new sustainable packaging to Biowash.

The containers, which are used for concentrated multipurpose cleaners, laundry detergent and dishwashing soap, will contain 60% Braskem's biobased plastics and 40% PCR resin obtained from recycled plastic products.


The containers will contain 60% Braskem's biobased plastics and 40% PCR resin obtained from recycled plastic products.

"The initiative reinforces the movement towards the circular economy, which is very important to Braskem and depends substantially on working together with our clients, partners and society in general. In this context, we are seeking more partnerships to develop new solutions that meet market trends, considering important aspects such as prior selection of raw material, design and the product's reintroduction into the production cycle through recycling," explained Rafaela Baldin, who is the client's main interface at Braskem. 

Since more than half of its composition is the bio-based I'm green plastic, which during its production captures CO2, an important greenhouse gas, the solution captures 6.30 tons of CO2 every year, which represents a reduction of up to 168% in emissions compared to conventional packaging solutions.

According to Braskem, the volume of CO2 captured every year by the product is six times larger than the amount of CO2 absorbed by 1,000 new trees grown over ten years.

And because it contains post-consumer resin, the packaging is even more sustainable, since it contributes to plastic waste being used as a raw material and gaining a new use in the production chain.

"Using 40% natural PCR incorporates more sustainability into the packaging, while improving, without the use of dyes, the visual impact, which makes a difference at the point of sale. The collaborative effort, the awareness raised, the social inclusion of recyclable material collectors and cooperatives and the focus on circular economy combine all the values that have guided the business of Greco & Guerreiro over its 30 years in the market," said Marcelo Guerreiro Mason, the company's sustainability director. 

In addition to signing partnerships for developing and improving its I'm green portfolio, which includes bio-based and post-consumer solutions, Braskem continues to invest in actions to strengthen conscientious consumption and the contribution of plastics to the sustainable development of society.



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