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SABIC to debut new PC copolymer family offering high chemical resistance for healthcare applications
Source:Adsale Plastics Network     Editor:VC    Date:23.Jan.2020

SABIC will introduce at MD&M West 2020 a new family of polycarbonate (PC) copolymer resins featuring the exceptional chemical resistance needed to enhance the durability and resilience of medical devices and equipment housings.


The company’s proprietary copolymer technology can help prevent premature part failure from environmental stress cracking (ESC) due to increasingly aggressive disinfectants, such as alcohols, peroxides and quaternary ammonium compounds, used to prevent hospital-acquired infections (HAIs).


SABIC will introduce new PC copolymer family offering high chemical resistance to highly aggressive healthcare disinfectants. 

The new portfolio includes amorphous and semi-crystalline materials that can serve as potential drop-in solutions in existing production tooling.


At the meantime, at the trade fair, SABIC experts will present on challenges and material solutions to help mitigate healthcare disinfectant exposure, giving a talk entitled “Keeping Medical Equipment Clean and Durable: PC Copolymer Technology Innovations that Improve Chemical Resistance against Hospital Disinfectants”.


MD&M West 2020 will be held from Feb 11-13, in Anaheim, CA.



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