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CHINAPLAS 2020: “arburgXworld” customer portal set to celebrate Asian premier
Source:Adsale Plastics Network     Editor:VC    Date:24.Jan.2020

At CHINAPLAS 2020, which will take place in Shanghai, China, from 21-24 April, Arburg will use practical examples to show how digitalisation and circular economy can help to improve production efficiency.


All the injection molding exhibits on show will be networked and automated with the Arburg ALS host computer system. A LSR processing product will debut and also on show will be innovative injection molding applications and two Freeformers for industrial additive manufacturing.


At the same time, the “arburgXworld” customer portal will receive its premiere in Asia. A resource-saving lightweight construction application will be presented for the "arburgGREENworld" program.


“Digitalisation has picked up some incredible momentum in China. Our new “arburgXworld” customer portal is set to celebrate its Asian premier at CHINAPLAS 2020,” says Zhao Tong, Managing Director of the Arburg organizations in China.


“A particular highlight is sure to be the world's first Allrounder from the Golden Electric series for LSR processing. We will also showcase the resource-friendly fibre direct compounding lightweight construction process, a high-performance machine for IML packaging, a turnkey system for multi-variant production on demand and our latest achievements in additive manufacturing,” he adds.


Asian premiere: “arburgXworld” customer portal


The “arburgXworld” customer portal, which is available in 18 languages including Chinese, is set to celebrate its Asian premiere. The portal has a number of apps and configuration levels that offer comprehensive support for a range of tasks – from dimensioning and ordering the new Allrounder 270 S compact, to simulating the control system, monitoring the machine fleet and documenting production processes, right through to ordering spare parts and providing digital services.

ARBURG_169272 arburgXworld Tablet_web.jpg

The “arburgXworld” customer portal is available internationally in 18 languages and features new apps and functions.


Arburg has now brought its entire range of digital products and services, which also includes a number of assistance functions, together in one tool: “arburgXworld”. All the injection molding exhibits on show at CHINAPLAS will feature an IIoT gateway and be networked with the Arburg ALS host computer system.


Arburg will also present the benefits that digitalisation and Industry 4.0 can bring to bear on injection molding production in the form of a smart Allrounder exhibit that is integrated with the IT network. This exhibit can be found in the “Factory of the Future” (Smart Manufacturing Tech Zone).


Allrounder Golden Electric for LSR applications


Heat-resistant and transparent components made of liquid silicone rubber are in demand in lots of industries. Arburg will show an LSR version of an Allrounder from the Golden Electric series for the first time in Shanghai.

ARBURG_165981 Allrounder 470 E Golden Electric_web.jpg

Arburg will show an LSR version of an Allrounder from the Golden Electric series for the first time at CHINAPLAS 2020. The electric machine produces high-quality LSR lenses for the automotive industry.


This economical electric machine meets the requirements of the Asian market and available all over the world as of now. At the show, an Allrounder 470 E Golden Electric with a clamping force of 1,000 kN will produce high-quality lenses for the automotive industry. The exhibit produces two LSR lenses, each with 33 light guides, in a cycle time of around 60 seconds.


The turnkey system is equipped with two robots and a 2-cavity mold from local partner Concraft. A linear robot system Multilift select removes the lenses from the mold and sets them down on a cooling station. A six-axis robot made by Chinese company AID feeds the injection molded parts to a laser station, where a DM code is applied, thus making each component 100% traceable.


FDC process for innovative lightweight construction


A resource-saving lightweight construction application will be presented for the "arburgGREENworld" program. Arburg will show how plastic can replace metal in some cases using fibre direct compounding (FDC).


In this innovative lightweight construction injection molding process, a lateral feeder cuts glass fibre rovings into lengths before adding them directly into the liquid melt to reinforce the component with continuous fibres.

ARBURG_166921 Allrounder 820S FDC_web.jpg

Arburg will also showcase the FDC lightweight construction process on a hydraulic Allrounder 820 S.

The materials involved in this technique are readily available and the process reduces costs by up to 40%, but these are just some of its advantages. The fibre length, fibre content and material combination can be adapted really flexibly to influence the component properties in a targeted manner.

The exhibit, a hydraulic Allrounder 820 S with a clamping force of 4,000 kN, produces long glass fibre-reinforced PP platforms for use in the seat adjusters installed in car interiors. The cycle time is around 60 seconds and the weight of the molded part 250 g. The consistency of the shot weight, and therefore of the fibre content, is displayed via a weight monitor integrated into the automation system, with the measurement being checked as a process parameter in the control system.


Additive manufacturing


Arburg will also present Arburg Plastic Freeforming (APF) and its product portfolio for industrial additive manufacturing. On display will be a Freeformer 200-3X with two discharge units and a large Freeformer 300-3X with three discharge units.


Both exhibits will turn original plastic granules into functional components “live”. Visitors will also be able to see a broad range of components and test the quality of selected APF parts for themselves at interactive stations.



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