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Mondi’s BarrierPack Recyclable all-PE film certified as 95% recyclable
Source:Adsale Plastics Network     Editor:VC    Date:31.Jan.2020

Mondi had its award-winning BarrierPack Recyclable all-polyethylene film certified for recyclability. This lightweight mono-material offers a more sustainable packaging solution for diverse applications ranging from stand-up pouches for dishwasher tablets to resealable pouches for organic dog food.


Institute cyclos–HTP GmbH, the Institute for Recyclability and Product Responsibility, independently tested the material and issued a certificate, rating it as 95% recyclable in those areas where a suitable recycling infrastructure is in place.


Mondi recently partnered with Yarrah Organic Petfood BV to develop more sustainable packaging for its certified organic Yarrah and DANO pet food brands. Yarrah wanted to introduce a fully recyclable pouch to replace a multilayer laminate packaging - which was difficult to recycle - to keep it in a circular economy. The pouch also needed to be resealable to keep pet food and snacks fresh, while adding convenience for pet owners.



Mondi partnered with Yarrah Organic Petfood BV to develop more sustainable packaging.

Similarly, working in partnership with a private-label products manufacturer, Mondi helped UK supermarket chain Tesco bring to market a fully recyclable mono-material pouch for its dishwasher tablets. With the switch to BarrierPack Recyclable, the individual tablets can now be wrapped in a water-soluble film instead of polypropylene (OPP) wrapping, further reducing waste.


Tesco already has a system in place to recycle polyethylene carrier bags used to hold customers’ purchases, and BarrierPack Recyclable pouches can also be recycled in this system. It encourages customers to bring the dishwasher tablet pouches back to the store, where they are collected and then recycled back into new carrier bags.



Mondi helped Tesco introduce a fully recyclable mono-material pouch for its dishwasher tablets.

“We ask our customers about the needs of their business, the product and our planet – and BarrierPack Recyclable is one of these solutions that came out of asking the right questions,” said Graeme Smith, Head of Product Sustainability, Flexible Packaging and Engineered Materials, Mondi.


Mondi is a signatory of The New Plastics Economy Global Commitment, committing to 100% of plastic based packaging being reusable, recyclable or compostable and 25% being from recycled content by 2025 (food regulations permitting) and are co-founders of the Circular Economy for Flexible Packaging (CEFLEX).


Mondi offers many more applications for fully recyclable mono-material pouches, and as part of its customer-centric EcoSolutions approach, they continue to explore new opportunities to close the loop in the circular economy.


Technical details about BarrierPack Recyclable:


  • A flexible, high-barrier, laminate packaging solution designed for the circular economy

  • Fully recyclable using mono-material - all-PE solution

  • Available as FFS material and pre-made stand-up pouch for applications ranging from confectionary, food, pet food to home and personal care

  • Suitable for conversion on existing packaging lines

  • Lighter than PET/PE laminates of the same thickness

  • Available in a wide portfolio of different thicknesses and barrier properties



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