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Italian plastics machinery industry ensures production in complete safety
Source:Adsale Plastics Network     Editor:VC    Date:06.Mar.2020

The Italian plastics machinery manufacturers are operating normally to guarantee production and technical services in complete safety amid the spread of coronavirus in the country.


The industry associations underlined that the member companies have implemented all the actions required by legislation to protect the safety of employees, ensuring manufacturing, sales and technical services.


Italian government doubles the financial help


In order to help the economy cope with the impact of the epidemic, the Italian government would double the financial help.


Yesterday (March 5), Economy Minister Roberto Gualtieri said that the government would spend €7.5 billion to “support families and businesses that are facing the (coronavirus) emergency”.


Just few days before, the minister had promised a smaller package of €3.6 billion.


AMAPLAST: Members working at full capacity


None of the member companies are located in the 11 municipalities that make up the so-called “red zones” in Lombardy and Veneto, in other words, they are working at full capacity, reported AMAPLAST (Italian Plastics and Rubber Processing Machinery and Moulds Manufacturers' Association).


AMAPLAST said in a press release that it considers unacceptable the alarming and above all “unverified” rumours have given rise to a false and erroneous picture of the member companies and their ability to guarantee production and technical services in complete safety.

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AMAPLAST emphasized that the member complainer are working at full capacity despite coronavirus outbreak.


Some Italian companies had to temporarily close their manufacturing units or trading offices in China, and as a result, there have been cases of delays in the delivery of machinery ready for dispatch. However, there are reports of a progressive return to normal operations.


The number of Italian companies having a facility or a commercial office in China is quite low, these branches are trying to recover the lost time and to restore the connections with the customers, getting back to the pending negotiations and orders, the Italian industry association said in emailed responses to CPRJ.


AMAPLAST has just worked out the general forecast for the current year. It expects an 8% decrease both for production and exports, imports are expected to suffer a 12% downturn. As a consequence, the domestic market would shrink by 9% and the trade balance by 7%.


UCIMA: Our business activities continue


Meanwhile, Enrico Aureli, the Chairman of the Italian Automatic Packaging Machinery Manufacturers’ Association (UCIMA) has sent a letter to all Italian and worldwide customers, emphasizing that the member companies “have adopted all the necessary measures to protect the health and safety of their employees”.


Enrico Aureli, the Chairman of UCIMA.


He also reassured that Italian companies in the sector are making every effort to guarantee the continuity of production, sales and technical support with the same level of quality and without any limitations. Enrico Aureli said in the letter.


“We therefore urge our international clientele to carry on normal relations with our companies and to continue to display the trust that our industry earns on a daily basis in all international markets,” Enrico Aureli concluded in the letter.


PLAST 2021 shows positive participation trend


PLAST 2021 the international exhibition for the plastics and rubber industries will take place in Milan from May 4-7, 2021.


According to the organizer, about 550 companies have confirmed their presence within the first enrolment deadline, Feb 10. It shows an improvement when compared to three years ago, with slight increase (+1.5%) in the total exhibition area booked.


“This is an encouraging result, above all considering the current situation hallmarked by international tension and concern affecting trade, investments, and the planning of promotional activities,” said the organizer.


For the last edition in Milan, PLAST 2018, the exhibition occupied a total net exhibition area of 55,000sqm with 1,510 exhibitors from 55 countries and regions, attracting 63,000 visitors. 



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