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motan’s remote maintenance box for efficient raw materials handling
Source:Adsale Plastics Network     Editor:VC    Date:30.Mar.2020

Modern raw materials handling systems require complex controls to run efficiently. In today’s challenging times, it is not always possible for qualified service personnel to be present when they are needed most.


The motan’s compact remote maintenance box can be immensely useful in keeping a system running no matter where in the world. It is a simple and secure solution for digitally maintaining and caring for system controls.


The box contains a powerful industrial PC with comprehensive software packages for remote access, debugging, analysis and logging tools for control and network components. All the tools required for configuration and administration are also included in the package as standard.


motan’s remote maintenance box provides security and service instead of difficulty and downtimes. 


Built into a compact wall cabinet, the remote maintenance box makes it possible to access all motan CONTROLnet controls remotely using internet or company-internal intranet. The operating language is determined according to the monitored modules, making it possible to operate the system from anywhere in the world.


Instead of immediately having to deploy specialist maintenance or service personnel, the remote maintenance box can first provide initial insight into the problem: quick scans and analysis can be run from any computer, errors can be isolated even in extensive networks and the source of the problem can be identified, making further measures quick and targeted.


With the remote maintenance box, service reaction times can be significantly reduced and unnecessary operations can be prevented. Using the popular software “TeamViewer”, it is possible for any service technician to digitally access the system from any location in the world and troubleshoot potential problems.


Unlike many other systems, motan’s remote maintenance box does not require complex activation and administration of firewalls, while providing the user with complete control: the connections for internal and external Ethernet are separate, the user can freely assign access authorisations. Finally, the remote maintenance box can easily be turned on or off by flicking a switch.



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