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Easy and safe! Sonderhoff rolls out new mixing and dosing system
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:JK    Date:07.May.2020

Sonderhoff has launched the Sonderhoff 3E mixing and dosing system, which is compactly designed as a dosing cell. It is a low-pressure mixing and dosing system for two components for semi-automatic and fully automatic application of sealing foams, adhesives and potting compounds to a wide range of parts.


The machine precisely processes liquid, medium and high viscosity compounds such as polyurethanes or other polymeric reactive materials.


The Sonderhoff 3E mixing and dosing system.

Sonderhoff 3E is designed in such a way to be used as an operator which can easily and safely execute the most varied tasks. It is operated via the easy-to-handle, multifunctional mobile panel Sonderhoff MP with integrated 6.5” touch screen – a significant simplification for contour programming of components.


The pre-adjustability and regulation of all system and process parameters ensure consistent production processing of the dosing cell.


Sonderhoff has concentrated on the essential features and has designed the system for frequently used application features. This has created a system which, through an entry-level price, enables short amortization times, and which can also economically produce small and medium quantities.

Also, material viscosities from 200 to 100,000 mPas can be processed. Depending on the configuration, the output rate ranges from 0.5 to 5.0 g/s. Experience has shown that this is the bandwidth with which 80 % of current applications can be reproduced.


Sonderhoff 3E is operated via multifunctional mobile panel Sonderhoff MP with integrated 6.5” touch screen.

In addition, the mixing head ensures an exactly dimensioned coupling range through the nozzle lock system Sonderhoff STOP-DROP DVS-3. The material pressure tanks, with a capacity of 44 liters for the A-component and 24 liters for the B-component, accommodate the typical asymmetric mixing ratio, which can be infinitely adjusted from 10 : 1 to 1 : 2.


The machine concept itself is designed so that the machine can be delivered in one piece in a container, completely assembled. Moreover, it is also prepared in such a way that it just needs to be set up at the destination location. As soon as electricity, water and compressed air are connected and the material is prepared in the material pressure tank, production can begin.

The machine is CE-compliant, and so an immediate, safe production start is possible. The manual lift door safely delimits the danger zone (traversing range of the linear robot), so that additional protective fences or light barriers are unnecessary.


The ecological high-pressure water rinsing is responsible for processing of two-component reactive materials.

Moreover, due to the high degree of standardization, delivery time is shortened. The system can be started up by the Formed-In-Place-Foam-Gasket (FIPFG) technology.


The ecological high-pressure water rinsing is the essential feature of environmentally responsible processing of two-component reactive materials. The use of solvents to clean the mixing head becomes unnecessary. With this proven technology, it makes an active contribution to environmental protection.


Despite its cost efficiency, the dosing cell Sonderhoff 3E uses the  proven machine components for all essential parts, starting from the mixing head Sonderhoff MK 425, the central IPC controller, the modern sensors and actuators, to the pressure-controlled recirculation technology, including air loading, and extending to the high-pressure water rinsing system.



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