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BW Flexible Systems lends wrapper for packaging face masks
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:JK    Date:08.May.2020

Schib Packaging, one of BW Flexible Systems’ flexible packaging brands, is lending a CO-50 flow wrapper machine to an Italian-based contractor, at no cost, to package face masks meant to help combat the spread of COVID-19.


Schib is located in northern Italy, an area hit hard by the coronavirus, and because the manufacturer has been designated as an essential supplier to both food and non-food industries, its factory has been running at full production to keep up with demand.


Around the world, manufacturers have been stepping up to produce personal protective equipment, even refitting existing production lines for this new task. When Schib's leadership team learned a local business was manufacturing much-needed face masks for the global market, everyone wanted to help.


Alessandro Stiffan, Schib’s General Manager, stands with a CO-50 flow wrapper machine.

“During a call with Fharid Peron, our Italian sales executive, we learned that there was a contractor near Malo, Italy, where we are based, that was converting his production of textile-finishing products to the production of face masks,” said Alessandro Stiffan, Schib’s General Manager. “We already had the availability of a Schib CO-50 machine—a good fit for packaging face masks.”


Peron reached out with a loan for use agreement that provided the flow wrapper free of charge. The equipment currently is installed and running in the Italian production facility.


“I’m so happy that we could lend one of our packaging machines to support a local initiative in the production of face masks,” said Peron.


BW Flexible Systems creates flexible packaging solutions by bringing together some of the industry's most trusted and innovative brands, including Hayssen, Rose Forgrove, Sandiacre, Schib, Simionato, SYMACH and others.



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