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Brüggemann's new heat stabilizer bridges price-performance gap
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:JK    Date:11.May.2020

Brüggemann's Phenolic Plus BRUGGOLEN TP-H1803 is a new heat stabilizer for polyamides designed to outperform conventional phenolic/phosphite based stabilizers, i.e. blends of sterically hindered phenolic antioxidants with organic phosphites. BRUGGOLEN TP-H1803 bridges the price-performance gap between these blends and copper based stabilizers.


Phenolic Plus extends the heat stabilization of polyamides to peak temperatures of 180°C, something not possible for hindered phenolic antioxidants and organic phosphites. Furthermore, due to the high efficiency of Phenolic Plus, lower dosages are possible than those needed by conventional phenolic/phosphite blends in order to achieve the same effect.


Compared to commercially available blends of sterically hindered phenols and phosphites, Phenolic Plus BRUGGOLEN TP-H1803 extends the stabilization of polyamides at a similar cost in use.

For example, in trials at 150°C, the dosage of Phenolic Plus BRUGGOLEN TP-H1803 could be reduced by 30% compared to that of a standard stabilizer package, whilst still maintaining the same level of tensile strength retention after heat aging.


Brüggemann supplies BRUGGOLEN TP-H1803 in the form of dust-free pellets which can be easily metered and readily dispersed and are suitable for both compounding and injection molding.



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