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Berry Bramlage unveils new closure designs to meet EU regulation
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:JK    Date:20.May.2020

Berry Bramlage has unveiled a range of new closure designs that meet forthcoming EU single use plastic legislation.


The EU Directive 2019/204 requires plastic beverage bottles up to 3 litres in size to have closures that remain attached to the container throughout its intended use from 2024 onwards. The move is designed both to reduce littering and increase recycling rates for plastic closures.


Berry Bramlage has delivered a range of new closure designs that meet forthcoming EU legislation.

The Berry Bramlage technical teams have developed a series of six initial designs for all types of neck finishes, including both screw and snap-on. The solutions involve additional strands or tabs on the tamper-evident band that keep the closure attached after opening and enable easy reclosing of the bottle.


To maximise consumer convenience and ease of use, different options for the docking of the closure after opening are available to meet different product or pack requirements. These include placing the closure beneath the neck (the Lasso and V-Tethered closures) or adjacent to it at a wide angle (CompactFlip, CompactTwist and Proxima closures).


The two-piece SecureSnap closure for snap-on necks is based on the flip top design of Berry Bramlage’s pioneering next-generation Secure Flip sports cap, with a tamper-evident band that is retained on the closure after opening.



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