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PolyOne launches lighter and heat-resistant crosslinkable elastomers
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:JK    Date:21.May.2020

PolyOne has announced the launch of Barricade elastomers, the newest addition to its specialty elastomer portfolio. Based on Fortrex technology licensed from Cooper Standard, this crosslinkable elastomer offers high-temperature compression set performance, easier processing, and a lighter weight solution when compared to conventional TPVs, silicones, and thermoset rubbers.


Barricade crosslinkable elastomers bridge the gap between TPEs and silicone to deliver high-temperature compression set performance at lighter weight.

Barricade solutions are lighter in weight and show improved tear strength over general-purpose TPV and silicone materials. Together with elevated compression set performance for high-temperature applications, this combination expands design freedom and processing ease for tubing, hoses, seals, gaskets, grommets, and more within consumer, healthcare, and industrial markets. The naturally translucent material can be colored press-side or formulated in a custom pre-colored version.


“This next generation thermoplastic technology bridges the historic gap in performance between TPEs and silicone, opening up abundant application opportunities,” said Jean-Paul Scheepens, general manager, Americas, Specialty Engineered Materials at PolyOne.


Commercially available in major markets, the Barricade product line is currently manufactured in North America.



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