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Innovative NEOSeam technology wins Tube Council’s Gold Award
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:JK    Date:26.May.2020

PackSys Global AG has won the GOLD Award in the category "Best Innovative Component or Process" of The Tube of the Year Awards with its NEOSeam technology. 


NEOSeam introduces a completely new technology for side-seams in cosmetic laminate tubes. The tube manufacturers' “side trim” material, which is normally cut off from the printed material and thrown away, can now be partially reused. The side trim is used by NEOSeam to reinforce the side-seam of the tube.


With this technique, the seam does not show any visible overlaps or “white lines” and allows a complete 360° decoration. The NEOSeam tubes are also extremely resistant to damage from being dropped.


PackSys Global AG has won the GOLD Award in the category "Best Innovative Component or Process " with its NEOSeam technology.

Larger volume packs for personal care applications, are often supplied in plastic bottles. NEOSeam was conceived with sustainability, that extruded plastic bottles have the advantage that they have the same colour around the entire package. 

With NEOSeam brand owners now have a solution which allows tubes to be used on pack sizes up to approximately 500ml. For equivalent packs sizes mono-material tubes can reduce the amount of plastic used in a package by up to 40% compared to a plastic bottle.


The Tube of the Year Awards are presented annually by the Tube Council in the USA, an industry group involving flexible tube manufacturers, tube machinery suppliers, material providers and other parties interested in the development of the tube as the preferred form of packaging for oral care, personal care, food and pharmaceutical applications.


Tube manufacturers can have their tubes evaluated in the categories personal and oral care, pharmaceuticals, industry, food and sustainability. For associate members who do not produce tubes, such as PackSys Global, an award is given in the category “most innovative tube, manufacturing process or component”.



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