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New design, content and experience - the new Adsale Plastics Network launched
Source:Adsale Plastics Network     Editor:VC    Date:27.May.2020

The new Adsale Plastics Network (www.adsalecprj.com) is officially launched. New design, rich professional content, more new functions and columns are waiting for you to experience.


New Positioning

Adsale Plastics Network – The One-Stop Resources Sharing Platform!


New Design

A content driven website with upgraded design and interactive functions

The new website has a more optimized layout design and more upgraded interactive functions.


New Experience

Connect high quality suppliers with global buyers throughout the year

Individual membership and corporate membership have been added to provide a platform for exchange between different members.




Regarding the website revamp, we have specially launched the Adsale Plastics Network mascot “Little Professor”. Let “Little Professor” introduce to you what changes have been brought to the new website.




I. New website FAQ


Q: I have already registered as a member in the old website, do I need to re-register?

A: No need. Registered members can log in directly, and can sign up to participate in activities such as webinars and Conferences.


Q: What rights do individual members have?

A: After registration, , you can publish supply and demand information (coming soon), download documents, and personalize subscriptions based on tags.


Q:What languages are used on the new website?

A:There are three languages: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and English, covering the Chinese market and the international market.


II. New functions and columns


  • Content upgrade

News Video, Photo Story, Industry and Exhibition Special…The new website uses a variety of formats to present the content, which is more intuitive and attractive.



News Video column covers trade fairs, conferences, interviews, etc.



Photo Story columns covers industry activities, award-winning products, etc.



Industry and Exhibition Special covers hot topics and mega shows of the industry, news and reports are categorized for in-depth understanding of industry development.


  • Interaction optimization

Website membership is divided into individual and corporate members, providing a platform for individuals and corporates to obtain dynamic information in real time.



Individual members can publish supply and demand information (coming soon), download documents, and personalize subscriptions based on tags.



For corporate members, a platform is provided for announcing corporate news and latest technologies. Corporate members can also manage their advertisements and track click rates independently.


  • Columns introduction

In addition, the News, Event, eBook, eNews, Event Calendar, Plastic Database and other columns of the new website have also been upgraded.



News – Updated industry news and interviews on market and technology trends; presented by applications and product categories.



Event – Support online registration of online and offline seminars; consult organization of conferences; apply for sponsorship opportunities; search for conferences, review past conferences.



eBook – Each issue of ebook supports online reading and downloading; follow technology and market trends of the industry closely.



eNews – Latest industry news updated regularly every week; eNews sent every week after subscription; check previous eNews at any time.



Event Calendar – Latest exhibition schedule of the year; search for exhibition information; subscribe to latest news of CPRJ conferences and webinars in one click.



Plastic Database – SpecialChem provides online technical support for raw material formulation professionals. Adsales Plastics Network, as SpecialChem’s only partner in China, provides users the platform to directly obtain the relevant technical data of SpecialChem and contact the supplier for samples.


III. Background and competitive advantages




Since the establishment in 1978, Adsale has accumulated valuable experiences in promoting trade activities in more than 20 industries, satisfying customers’ needs of developing the Chinese and Asian markets. The extensive cross-industry database enables Adsale to provide industrial and market updates, technology sharing and purchasing platform to millions of industrial users.


By leveraging the database, Adsale also helps the users to closely follow the market trend and ad-hoc industrial technology, such as automation, technology of environment protection, new materials, etc., which enable the industrial users to revitalize the production procedure, improve innovative technology, capture technological upland, reduce operation cost so as to strengthen the ability in sustainable development.




With accumulated database of over 600,000 members and suppliers, the China Plastic & Rubber Journal (CPRJ) is a leading B2B media pioneer which has been delivering comprehensive market news, providing unique insights into the industry and offering professional business matching.


The full range of communication channels of CPRJ includes: websites, social media, eNews, exhibition newspapers, international visitor guide, live broadcast service, conferences, webinars, etc.




CPRJ has professional editorial teams in China, HKSAR and Europe. Team members have 10+ years of experience in the industry, and are familiar with the development trends of the industry. They have already published 300,000+ articles.




CPRJ has professional desktop and mobile websites, WeChat account, industry WeChat groups, Weibo account, Facebook page for the plastics and rubber industries, with over 1 million social media followers and fans. The platform facilitates users to understand the latest market trends and production technologies at home and abroad, achieving global resources sharing.



Leveraging the synergy of webinars and offline exhibitions and conferences, integrated market expansion plans can be customized, helping enterprises make full use of their own competitive advantages to tap the maket potential. Meanwhile, added values can also be created across the value chian.


Let’s start your experience journey!




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