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2K eSports keyboard - FCS helps you make it!
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Source:FCS    Editor:FCS    Date:02.Jun.2020

On-line games become crazy popular during the home quarantines. Be enough responsive is the basic request of an eSports keyboard for gamers. The development of consumer electronics industry and its technology rapidly moves while the customers require for high quality and appearance.


FCS multi-component injection pattern

The delicate product based on high-end injection molding machines and enough database. FCS group has been developing multi-component injection molding technique since 1984 and has created 5 injection patterns such as Rotary Table, Rotary Shaft, Sandwich/interval, and Large Horizontal Rotary Table series, with total 19 configurations. The two-color injection molding machine has been sold more than 5,000 units, and is the preferred brand in Greater China.


FCS two-component machine is the equipment of choice because the advantages and reasonable price, most of companies use 280, 400 and 550 tons to produce two color keycaps. With following main features:

l   When the rotary table rotates, it does not touch the mold plate to avoid wear and tear.

l   Rotary table controlled by servo motor could shorten rotary time by more than 50%, with more stable rotary speed switch.

l   With accurate rotary positioning clamper, it protects the mold.

l   Adopting AC/PM synchronous servo motor energy-saving can reach up to 30~70%.

l   By PRO/ENGINEER computer aid designed clamping system, the clamp stroke and distance between tie bars have been enlarged for versatile usage.

l   With the product insertion function, three-component and four-component products can also be molded to expand the scope of use.


FCS rotary table two-color injection molding machine (FB-R series)

The most attractive case from FCS customer uses FCS rotary table two-color injection molding machine (FB-R series) to realize the multi-color or multi-component keyboard which could be lighted colorfully and would never be discolored.

In this case, it uses FCS FB-400R to produce two-component keycaps with ABS+PC, in a 108-cavity mold with 32 seconds per cycle, and the product thickness is 0.8 mm, under the optimized injection speed and rotary parameter.

FCS two color keycaps.jpg

Produce two-component keycaps by FCS FB-R machine

With 45 years of technical experience in the injection molding industry, FCS provides special customized equipment, dedicates to enhance the added value and competitiveness of customers' products, and would like to shape a better world with you.




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