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New Generation of Strand Pelletizers From Coperion
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Source:Coperion    Editor:Coperion    Date:09.Jul.2020

Compact design, high pellet quality and convenience were the main areas of focus when improving the SP series of strand pelletizers from Coperion Pelletizing Technology. The enhanced SP140, SP240 and SP340 models feature improved interior space, a new quick change cutting chamber system as well as a redesigned cutting gap adjustment.

More convenience for less downtime

Unlike conventional pelletizers that often use eccentric screws or compression-tensioning screws, Coperion’s latest generation of strand pelletizers are based on a toolless cutting gap adjustment device. Thanks to this new design, adjustments can not only be made faster but also more conveniently since no tools are required. Even fine adjustments do not pose any challenges and can be made more accurately without the need for any kind of tool.

Another design feature enhancing convenience is the reworked cutting chamber system. The complete cutting area is now accessible, allowing replacement of the cutting unit without any tools. As a result, cleaning and servicing times can be reduced, which has a positive effect on the overall downtime of the system. Another upgrade to the previous models is the integration of the spring pre-tensioning system as it reduces machine setup times thanks to the elimination of the screw’s free clearance.

Improved intake area for higher pellet quality

In addition, Coperion Pelletizing Technology has designed the intake to be completely straight such that strands are optimally fed into the pelletizer without any deflection. The intake rollers are equipped with side panels to avoid individual strands breaking free. This also prevents strand tears and bevelling.

Furthermore, the robust cutting tools have been positioned closer to one another. Hence, unguided strand length has been reduced. Especially with soft materials this leads to better cutting results. Due to the reduction of dead space along with the optimized edges and fewer free surfaces, the new designs can be cleaned more easily.

Moreover, the operating width was increased by 20 mm, facilitating higher throughputs.

Various options for individual requirements

Parallel to the above mentioned improvements, the SP series offers various additional options for additional functionality. These include a high temperature resistant upper feed roll for long service life as well as wear and corrosion protected cutting rotors which are especially suitable for highly filled or reinforced materials. If required, the pelletizers can also be equipped with a higher drive power, likewise available as a dual drive with a driven upper feed roll for improved intake. Another useful feature which can be added is cooling for the feed roll as well as the cutting head. In this way, the entire cutting chamber can be cooled, contributing to a longer service life. For difficult environmental conditions, clients can opt for a control cabinet climate control.




The new generation of strand pelletizers comes in a compact design and with a number of new features for an improved pellet quality and higher convenience



The new quick change cutting chamber system for reduced cleaning and servicing times



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