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Arburg launches four packages for its customer portal
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:JK    Date:04.Aug.2020

In the program arburgXworld, Arburg has collected all of its digital products and services as well as the customer portal of the same name, where the portal makes work easier all along the value chain of injection moulding. There are now four packages which contain various apps and configuration levels.


The customer portal arburgXworld makes it easier to work with injection moulding on a daily basis.


The free basic package includes central apps like MachineCenter, ServiceCenter, SelfService, Shop, and Calendar. They offer an overview of machine fleets, service history, and approaching maintenance dates, for example. Service tickets and spare parts can be ordered round the clock. With the “Configuration” app, the hydraulic Allrounder 270 S Compact can be ordered online under specified conditions.



With the services of the premium package, which incurs a fee, Arburg offers valuable tools to increase machine availability. The app “VirtualControl” the user can simulate the machine controls on a PC or tablet to create data sets, optimise workflows, or train employees. The premium versions of the apps “MachineCenter” and “SelfService” include an expanded digital machine file, as well as a guided solution dialogue and the “video telephone services” feature.


Premium Plus

The configuration level “Premium Plus” offers access to Arburg’s interesting calculation tools and detailed knowledge databases, thus significantly reducing the time expenditure for production planning, work preparation, and quality assurance, as well as for product development and sales. The “MachineFinder” helps you select the right clamping and injection unit based on data concerning processes and material technology. “DataDecoder” can be used to display machine data sets legibly and save them as scv or xlsx files.



The “Connect” package offers machine-related expansion options for digital data integration. The optional “MachineDashboard” displays detailed status information and key indicators regarding individual Allrounders. It also includes the visualisation of production workflows using graphic trend diagrams. Based on the production protocol, the data for this are collected and continually processed in the machine via an IIoT Gateway.


With remote machine acceptance, an Arburg sales expert will go through all requirements with the customer one by one with an iPad.

Beyond the digital solutions of the customer portal, Arburg is continually refining the “smartness” of its machines. All new Allrounder come equipped with an IIoT Gateway and have basic connectivity so they can be interconnected with the customer portal or Arburg Remote Service. Digital tools that support the operator when working on the machine include four assistance packages for all new Allrounders in the clamp design and, optionally, Arburg’s filling and plasticising assistant.


The Arburg host computer system ALS offers solutions for designing series production flexibly, using resources sparingly, and increasing productivity, quality, and availability. This MES, proprietary to Arburg, is designed for detailed production planning and for data acquisition and tracking in injection moulding production. Besides the injection moulding machines of other manufacturers, metalworking machines and peripheral devices can be integrated.


In light of the corona effects, Arburg has also created the option for accepting machines remotely. To that end, Arburg’s sales experts go through the requirement specifications with the customer using an iPad. The customer sees exactly what’s shown on the iPad. This allows all requirements to be checked one by one through a visual approval test.



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