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3 scenarios help know the core of smart production
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Source:FCS    Editor:FCS    Date:04.Aug.2020

The traditional injection molding production management is based on handwritten records, which easily leads to many risks and problems that cannot be solved in real time.

FCS Group intelligent manufacturing factory system (iMF4.0)  in the cloud converts resource database data into OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) production trends, automatic production statistics, and molding process parameters records. Then, the Industry 4.0 action computing, analysis and optimization are performed to improve production efficiency and reduce production waste.

Scenario 1:
The personnel check the equipment utilization and production capacity one by one through each control panel. The information cannot be effectively collected, and the management is time-consuming and laborious.

The OEE production trend warning, abnormal shutdown and production abnormality classification statistics are aggregated on the iMF4.0 Production administrator billboard. The visual management improves production efficiency and reduces the production of defective products.


Figure/ Production administrator of FCS iMF4.0 system

Scenario 2:
The robot arm is used to reduce the manpower requirement. However, the robot arm cannot identify the quality of the molded product in real time. Therefore, manpower is necessary for inspection at site, which cannot really reduce manpower cost.

The iMF 4.0 quality and environment sensing module of can identify the molding quality, and automatically detect the suspected NG product with the robot arm to reduce the input cost of production manpower.

Scenario 3: 
Multi-cavity molds are frequently subject to filling imbalance due to mold precision or behavior of the melt. The flow behavior and hot runner temperature of each cavity needs to be monitored and adjusted to ensure the filling balance, which relies on the manual operation and the technical experience of experienced personnel.

The iMF 4.0 multi-cavity melt flow control function module can automatically adjust the melt flow according to the flow imbalance feedback of each cavity, thereby making the melt flow uniform.

→ Watch the video of iMF4.0 application

Different from the general remote monitoring system, the iMF4.0 intelligent manufactory system not just records the injection molding actuation parameters (machine parameters). Instead, it extends to the molding process parameters (material parameters), and strengthens the effectiveness of molding parameter monitoring. Compared with the traditional manufacturing execution systems (MES), the iMF 4.0 system effectively integrates the Operation Technology (OT), Information Technology (IT) and Communication Technology (CT), is suitable for the management applications of small and medium-sized enterprises, and also retains the data exchange interface for large-scale enterprises by quickly linking with its MES system under operation.



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