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Dow introduces TF-BOPE films for sustainable packaging
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:JK    Date:05.Aug.2020

Dow has announced a brand extension to the family of INNATE Precision Packaging Resins. INNATE TF Polyethylene (PE) Resins for Tenter Frame Biaxial Orientation are bringing commercial viability to a long-desired packaging goal: tenter frame biaxially oriented polyethylene (TF-BOPE) films.


TF-BOPE films made using INNATE TF resins demonstrate many impressive properties valued across the value chain:

  • excellent optical properties such as transparency and glossiness

      • - up to 80% less haze compared to traditional PE films                     

  • twice the impact strength and tensile modulus                                        

  • three times the puncture resistance and tensile strength of traditional blown PE films

  • excellent flex crack resistance, even under low temperature                                   

  • good tearability for convenience-in-use


INNATE TF Polyethylene Resins for Tenter Frame Biaxial Orientation offer distinctive physical properties.

INNATE TF Polyethylene Resins for Tenter Frame Biaxial Orientation offer distinctive physical properties which can enable material substitution, film layer elimination, and/or downgauging, to reduce overall packaging materials.


The TF-BOPE film can be used directly as the printed layer of the packaging, allowing a combination of PE functional layers to achieve an all-PE structure, making it more convenient for recycling and increasing the sustainability quotient.


Collaborating with a variety of value chain members, such as Guangdong Decro Film New Materials Co., Ltd, CaiHua, NanCheng and KAIDA Group, commercial applications – including all-PE pillow pouches, recyclable SUP packaging, and liquid product SUPs – are now in the marketplace. Applications include rice bags, pet food bags, heavy-duty shipping sacks, liquid detergent pouches, and others.


"Dow hopes to collaborate with key stakeholders across the value chain to promote innovative and sustainable packaging solutions, and promote the healthy and dynamic development of the industry," stated Kodak Xiao, Asia Pacific marketing director for Food & Specialty Packaging, Dow Packaging and Specialty Plastics.


"This revolutionary product breaks through the limits of traditional PE products and showcases Dow's futuristic and cutting-edge insights, as well as our strong R&D capacity," added Wu Chang, Asia Pacific director for Technical Services and Development (TS&D), Dow Packaging and Specialty Plastics.



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