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Material of KRAIBURG TPE used for earpieces to ensure comfort
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:JK    Date:12.Aug.2020

South Korea-based audio devices company AZLA has produced its latest SednaEarfit XELASTEC earpieces from thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) compounds and co-branded it with KRAIBURG TPE.


The material provides good processability and ensures high wearing comfort, while maintaining the sound quality. XELASTEC is AZLA’s first earpiece that is fully made of thermoplastic elastomers.


AZLA CEO Mr. Ashulley Lee said, “Based on our research we discovered that the average usage time for truly wireless stereos (TWS) and earphones is getting longer. In 2019, we decided to develop the XELASTEC earpiece that can be worn for a long period of time with no stress to the ear.”


AZLA has produced its latest SednaEarfit XELASTEC earpieces from TPE compounds and co-branded it with KRAIBURG TPE. 

AZLA designed the XELASTEC earpiece by analyzing samples of ear canals and utilized this information to develop an ideal earpiece fit for earphones, thus improving the sound insulation.


KRAIBURG TPE’s soft and pliable TPE material is used to maximize the performance of the audio device by reducing housing vibrations as well as providing a superb and comfortable fit for the ear. The TPEs are characterized by high durability, high elasticity and rebound resilience, non-toxic properties, good fatigue resistance and temperature tolerance.


SednaEarfit XELASTEC uses TPE that complies with US FDA regulations (raw material conformity)-Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Title 21 and standard EN71/3 as well as EU Regulation No. 10/2011, allowing for safety of use.


Since the earpieces are in direct contact with the delicate ear canal for a prolonged period of time, KRAIBURG TPE’s materials were selected not only for their specific acoustic properties but also suitability for skin contact.


In addition, with its high transparency, resilience to weathering and chemicals as well as hypoallergenic properties and low compression set makes KRAIBURG TPE’s material is the perfect choice for the SednaEarfit XELASTEC.


SednaEarfit XELASTEC is able to retain its original shape at room temperature, but gently changes its shape when it is placed on the ear by exaggerating an active reaction of molecules with an individual’s body temperature, thus perfectly fitting the contour of the ear.


Also the TPE compound has improved the fit of the earpiece by holding the earphone nozzle tightly with minimized resonance. The easy assembly of SednaEarfit XELASTEC earpiece with the earphone makes it convenient for the user.



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