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SABIC fast tracks orders for Chinese manufacturers to produce COVID-19 equipment
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:JK    Date:13.Aug.2020

SABIC has taken extraordinary steps to expedite order fulfillment for its specialty thermoplastic resins, as to meet urgent requests from global customers that manufacture lifesaving medical equipment for overcoming COVID-19.


As an example, the company rapidly supplied significant quantities of thermoplastics to two Chinese medical device manufacturers, Mindray and DIRUI. Despite shutdowns and exponential increase in demand, SABIC has worked to ensure supply of needed medical equipment to hospitals on the front lines.


“As a leading plastics manufacturer in the medical products supply chain, SABIC has risen to the challenge of supporting the healthcare industry during this difficult time,” said Martin Tam, SABIC director, Customer Fulfillment APAC, Specialties.


SABIC supplies its specialty thermoplastic resins for lifesaving medical equipment manufacturing.

Mindray Medical International Limited is a global medical instrumentation developer and manufacturer based in Shenzhen. When Mindray received an urgent order from Italy for 10,000 units of its ventilators, defibrillators, monitors and in vitro diagnostic (IVD) machines, the manufacturer contacted SABIC for a range of its high-performance specialty materials.


Mindray’s order included LNP EXL copolymer, internally lubricated LNP LUBRICOMP and anti-static LNP FARADEX compounds, and ULTEM resin. SABIC delivered these materials to Mindray’s contract molder within weeks.


Further, Mindray urgently needed high-performance SABIC materials to produce 3,000 pieces of medical equipment for two new hospitals being constructed in China. The SABIC team worked for two days to produce much-needed thermoplastics for Mindray, primarily for device housings.


“SABIC delivered the materials we required, in a very short timeframe, with the high quality and consistency we expected,” said Timmy Tong, procurement business director for Mindray.


DIRUI Industrial Co., Ltd., a leading provider of high-quality diagnostic equipment and reagents in China, also faced urgent customer requests for equipment to support COVID-19 care. The company requested expedited delivery of two grades of SABIC’s NORYL polyphenylene ether (PPE) resin.


These advanced thermoplastic materials were needed to produce 1,000 auto-chemistry analyzers for Chinese hospitals. The analyzers are used to measure patients’ kidney and bladder function, among other tests. Although SABIC’s Shanghai facility was shut down to contain COVID 19, SABIC mobilized to fulfill DIRUI’s order.


Of the two grades of NORYL PPE resin, one provides dimensional stability and chemical resistance for the analyzer housings, while the other delivers the hydrolytic stability needed for the water channel.


“We are thankful to SABIC for the tremendous job they did in fulfilling our critical order so that we could rapidly produce the auto-chemistry analyzers needed to help control the pandemic,” commented Henry Chen, supply chain development manager of DIRUI.



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