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Indian company installs Sidel's aseptic PET line with dry preform sterilization
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:JK    Date:28.Aug.2020

ITC, an India's private sector company, has introduced a new range of milk-based drinks with fruit pieces while expanding their juice portfolio. They trusted Sidel and its expertise in aseptic packaging, investing in a complete line, featuring the first dry preform sterilization in India.


Besides helping this manufacturer to gain greater productivity and flexibility, Sidel designed and tested their three new PET bottle formats for absolute food safety and packaging differentiation on retailers’ shelves.


ITC's new extended product range includes Sunfeast Wonderz Milk, a new milk-based drink bottled in PET. Available in 200 ml and 300ml formats. In parallel, they added a portfolio of premium Not From Concentrate (NFC) juices with source certified premium fruits to their existing B Natural brand.

It is first fruit beverage brand in India to provide a portfolio of source certified fruit beverages with 100% Indian Fruit, 0% Concentrate without any preservatives to their customers.


Sidel's complete aseptic PET line has been invested by ITC.

To make this move, ITC needed a highly flexible PET packaging solution. “We are really proud to be the first ones in India to leverage the benefits of aseptic PET production with dry preform decontamination,” explained Rajesh Ponnuru, Category Manager Juices and Dairy at ITC Limited.


“Our global leadership in this field, based on more than 40 years of expertise and more than 150 references of our Aseptic Combi Predis installed worldwide, was also a key driver for ITC’s decision,” said Gaurav Kumar, Project Manager Execution, Global Key Accounts at Sidel.


ITC widened their nutritional drinks portfolio by expanding the packaging material choices supporting their B Natural juices and by launching the new Sunfeast liquid dairy products in PET.


ITC has chosen PET because this packaging material facilitates the creation of more innovative and functional packages. As the majority of milk products in the country are packaged in pouches, glass bottles and cartons. 

Bottled in PET and decorated with colorful sleeve labels, the B Natural and Sunfeast products immediately gained a distinctive look and feel while providing an enhanced brand experience.


ITC has introduced a new range of milk-based drinks with fruit pieces while expanding their juice portfolio.

Moreover, Sidel’s Liquid Package Interaction (LPI) laboratory ran shelf life tests on a number of juice and milk-based recipes to simulate real life distribution conditions and ensure, in advance, the products’ quality, safety, and organoleptic properties.


To meet the highest food safety standards and ensure a 6-months shelf life, Sidel’s packaging scientists recommended the customer to use an O2 PET barrier for their milk-based product range and an O2 – combined with a light – barrier to protect their 100% organic juices.


ITC’s order for the Sidel complete aseptic PET line was placed. The scope includes Tetra Pak Processing System (TPPS) technologies and, as the heart of the line, the Aseptic Combi Predis complemented by Capdis, the company’s dry cap decontamination system.


The line also features a RollQuattro labeller, a sleever, packing and stretch wrapping systems, a PalKombi palletiser and EIT (Efficiency Improvement Tool), with the latter one improving production efficiency.


The aseptic PET complete line – operational since early 2019 – was installed in a new area of the ITC production site in Kapurthala (Punjab) and laid-out to account for production operations and raw material logistics. 



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