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FoamPartner launches sustainable foam for car interiors
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:JK    Date:01.Sep.2020

FoamPartner, founded in 1937 and headquartered in Switzerland, is one of the global leaders in foam technology. The company has introduced new OBoNature foam technology based on sustainable raw materials, for next-generation automotive interiors including headliners, interior trim and seating applications.


The resulting lightweight construction can reduce manufacturing costs and extend the operating range of electrical vehicles. Higher demands on functionality and quality can also be met, with low-emission and low-odor solutions that are characterized by outstanding durability and that have been optimized for faster processing. The next step is foams that are based on sustainable raw materials without compromising performance.


FoamPartner introduces new OBoNature foam technology based on sustainable raw materials for next-generation automotive interiors.

In compliance with the guiding principle of upcycling, the production of OBoNature uses sustainable raw materials gained from by-products in the chemical industry. This reduces the required amount of petrochemical intermediates by 20%. The calculated sustainable share in the final foam is greater than 13%.


The VOC and FOG values of OBoNature foams are far below the current thresholds for a healthy interior climate. The foams pass FMVSS 302 flammability testing.


They also offer good lamination for faster processing and provide good hydrolytic stability for durable lightweight components in electrical and hybrid vehicles.


Practical testing has shown that OBoNature products offer faster lamination than comparable ether-based PUR foams of the same material thickness, while reducing material loss and improving adhesion.

FoamPartner’s OBoNature product family currently includes three foam versions. All of them are globally available, tailored to specific automotive interior applications and have been awarded with the company’s proprietary Ecovative label:


OBoSky Nature 3540 T for headliners – As an elastic foam, this particularly fine-pored foam meets high requirements for elongation at break and tensile strength. It offers good thermoformability even in critical radii. Its homogenous cell structure and color result in good surface structure and appearance without undesirable ’orange peel’ effects.


OBoTrim Nature 3540 T for interior trims – With slightly less finer pores, this foam stands out by its ease of processing, good elongation at break and tensile strength as well as enhanced recovery after thermal compression and is especially suitable for armrests and door panels.


The typical average values of volatile organic compounds and fogging content measured for OBoNature products are lower than those of comparable ether-based PUR foams and also below the limits of the VDA 278.

OBoSeat Nature 3540 T for seating applications – This foam can also be processed with ease. In addition, it shows good sewing properties and ensures high seating comfort even at smaller pore size, lower elongation at break and lower tensile strength.


“Our OBoNature technology is further proof of the successful implementation of our sustainability strategy in all areas while providing superior functionality over conventional ether-based PUR foams,” emphasized Dr. Michael Riedel, CEO of FoamPartner.


“The new foams are in line with the three core principles of our sustainability strategy: PLANET – Ecological Sustainability, PEOPLE – Social Sustainability, and PERFORMANCE – Economic Sustainability,” said Klaus Hellmold, Head of Marketing & Sales Automotive Rolls Europe at FoamPartner.



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