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Virtual Fakuma: An overview of WITTMANN's new products and solutions
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:JK    Date:10.Sep.2020

Since the FAKUMA 2020 has been postponed to next year, WITTMANN has decided to present the exhibits with some other interesting applications by way of product videos, and to upload them on “Virtual Fakuma”.


The presentation of the videos is intended to take place primarily in personal meetings with customers or web conferences. The product videos will be made available on the company’s YouTube channel.


Revised WITTMANN robot model WX153


In the mechanical redesign of the WX153 robot, special attention was paid to maximum functionality and flexible application options. So the vertical axis is now available with strokes of up to 2,600 mm.


WX153 robot from WITTMANN.

The horizontal Z-axis can be supplied with a stroke length of up to 18,000 mm. With a stroke from 4,000 mm upwards, tandem solutions involving 2 independently moving robots can be implemented as well.


The control system of tandem robots also includes a joint R9 TeachBox, which is able to control up to 12 axes simultaneously. Another new feature is the integrated compact controller housing.


Video assistance system in WITTMANN robots with R9 control


The task of the robot’s video assistant is performed by the digital twin, which is installed in every R9 control system as standard. The digital twin is displayed directly on the TeachBox and can replay preceding sequences at any desired speed.


Visualizations of video assistant replay data on the R9 TeachBox.

As soon as the physical robot switches into the automatic operation mode, the twin records all changes in the positions of the individual axes, the entrance/exit points, the counters and all other values relevant for the operation of the appliance. All data are recorded with a precision of 4 ms and can be traced back into the past for up to 100 seconds.


G-Max 13 beside-the-press granulator


The G-Max 13 completes the existing G-Max granulator series from WITTMANN, which offers cutting chamber sizes ranging from 130 × 260 mm to 460 × 235 mm and engine outputs from 2.2 kW to 4 kW. The models from the G-Max series can be used for material throughputs of up to 50 kg/h on injection molding machines with up to 500 t clamping force.


The new G-Max 13 granulator from WITTMANN.

The G-Max 13 granulator is suitable for in-line recycling of soft to medium hard sprue consisting of PP, PE, ABS or PU, and can be used on injection molding machines with clamping forces of up to 230 tons.


The material screens of the G-Max 13 are available with screen perforation in different sizes: either 4 or 5 mm in diameter. The granulator has an open rotor with three knives. It is designed with openings between the knives and the rotary axis to ensure unhindered ventilation of the cutting chamber.


M8 network control for central material handling systems


The CAN-bus-based M8-IPC network control system has been introduced.


A new feature is a number of freely programmable modules which support queries, counting functions, loops and much more, to enable logical switchover and connection of outlets. What is more, M8 comes with a “counting” functionality.


Views of the M8 screen: administration of material loaders.

Another new feature is coded regrind recycling. RFID-coded materials handling devices ensure that materials are only transported if the material line is correctly connected to the granulator and to the matching container.


Moreover, residual quantities of material left on the machine can be transported back to the material source.


CARD – small dryers with a great effect


With the new compressed air dryers from the CARD series - CARD 6G/FIT, CARD 10S and CARD 20S - the desired drying temperature can be set via a touch screen operating panel, and at the end of the pre-drying phase a signal is issued to release an automatic production start-up. The material drying data can be exported via a USB port or via OPC UA.


CARD G (left) and CARD S with FIT control system and optional OPC UA interface.

With the integrated week timer, the use of the dryers can be ideally adapted to ongoing production planning, and they are ready to run immediately as soon as dried material is required.


In the CARD S models, the compressed air consumption is very finely and precisely adjusted to the actual demand by an intelligent digital air volume control system.


TEMPRO plus D120 temperature controller


The new TEMPRO plus D120 temperature controller is launched in a single- and a dual-circuit version. It has a direct cooling capacity of 80 kW with a Δt of 75 °C as standard. The standard heating performance of 9 kW can be increased to 12 kW or 16 kW if a higher production temperature is required.


WITTMANN TEMPRO plus D120 pressurized temperature controller with direct cooling.

The available choice consists exclusively of stainless steel pumps with wear-free magnetic couplings to accommodate maximum flow volumes ranging from 40 l/min to 90 l/min. A real specialty is the frequency-controlled pump model with a capacity of 1.1 kW / 50 l/min / 9bar.


Also, the new EUROMAP 82.1 interface is available for the TEMPRO plus D120 as an option, and use of the OPC UA protocol as well.



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