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KRAIBURG TPE and NEXTIS partner on USB socket protection cover for respiratory devices
Source:Adsale Plastics Network     Editor:VC    Date:14.Sep.2020

In close collaboration with KRAIBURG TPE, French medical components specialist NEXTIS has developed an articulated cover designed to protect the USB port on respiratory devices against dust and splash water entry.


The part is molded in a proven THERMOLAST compound that delivers an excellent balance of high mechanical properties and aesthetics, ease of injection molding, and reliable resistance against professional cleaners.


As a system supplier of medical components and assemblies, NEXTIS is molding several parts for an advanced respirator from Air Liquide Medical Systems (ALMS), including a flexible protective cover for the device’s USP port.


USB socket protection on Osiris respiratory device from Air Liquide Medical Systems (ALMS). (Photo: ALMS)


The cover is clipped to the device housing and has a hinged closure that ensures the sealing of the USB socket, when not in use, against the entry of dust particles, splash water, and foreign objects.


For this application, a soft but resilient material that will reliably withstand the repeated opening and closing of the protective cover over the lifetime of the respiratory device is needed, without deformation and loss of its sealing function.


Developed in close collaboration with KRAIBURG TPE, the articulated component is molded by NEXTIS in a proven THERMOLAST compound. (Photo: ALMS)


The TPE compound selected for the articulated cover has proven to be a fit in many other soft-touch aesthetic and functional components. It offers excellent mechanical properties, such as high elongation at break and high tear resistance, as well as long-term dimensional stability, thanks to its low compression set.


Further key requirements to be met included high flowability for short cycle times in injection molding and finished-as-molded surface quality. In addition, the USB socket cover must provide and maintain good resistance against the attack of cleaners used in professional and medical environments, without causing embrittling or discoloration.


The THERMOLAST compound is supplied in opaque color and blended on site with a black masterbatch when injected. If required, the material can also be supplied in specific customized colors.


The THERMOLAST range is available globally and can be easily recycled to meet the demands of enhanced sustainability in a circular plastics economy.



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