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New performance polymer from ExxonMobil offers multiple benefits for nonwoven fabrics
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:JK    Date:30.Sep.2020

ExxonMobil has introduced a new breakthrough solution to produce nonwoven fabrics with lofty thickness, ultra-cushiony cotton-like softness, and a silk-like smooth touch. Also offering low lint and uniformity, the solution provides a tailored balance of properties for nonwovens used in premium diapers, pant-type diapers, feminine care and adult incontinence products.


A blend of ExxonMobil PP3155E5, ExxonMobil PP3684HL and Vistamaxx 7050BF performance polymer, the solution is easily processed using bi-component (BiCo) spunbond technology from Reifenhäuser Reicofil, an acknowledged market leader in complete nonwoven, meltblown and composite production lines.


The new solution can be used in premium diapers, pant-type diapers, feminine care and adult incontinence products.

By adjusting the formulation, nonwovens can be tailored to meet the needs of different hygiene product components such as the bellyband, back sheet and top sheet used in baby diapers, feminine care, and adult incontinence products.


Offering the thickness required for cushiony softness, the nonwoven fabric is as resilient as it is lofty, while delivering good drapability, uniformity for consistent products and low lint for surface stability. Formulation variations allow nonwovens to be produced with a different feel to meet the needs of the application, from a cottony touch to a silky touch.


Spunbound fabrics can be manufactured that are up to 15% thicker for outstanding protection compared to other BiCo spunbond high-loft solutions. Plus, 80% of the thickness is maintained after being placed under load for an extended period.


“Working collaboratively with Reifenhäuser Reicofil has resulted in a new benchmark for high loft, soft nonwovens to meet growing market demand globally, and particularly in Asia Pacific,” said Olivier Lorge, Global Market Manager, Polypropylene, Vistamaxx and Adhesions Business, ExxonMobil.


“Delivering enhanced performance, this solution is an ideal and cost-efficient replacement for carded fabrics that will enable brand owners and converters to create innovative solutions to meet different application needs,” said Tristan Kretschmann, R&D Manager, Reifenhäuser Reicofil.



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