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Quality assurance of biopolymers in R&D environments
Source:Adsale Plastics Network     Editor:VC    Date:06.Oct.2020

Bioplastics have become indispensable nowadays, and high-quality biopolymers are highly required. Therefore, appropriate analyzing equipment for physical, chemical and rheological analyzing are necessary to guarantee good properties for the fields of polymerization, processing and application.


OCS, a manufacturer of optical testing systems for quality control, supplies customized and complete solutions in the field of digital image processing. The applications for OCS systems range from laboratory use to complete integration into the production process.


OCS Pellet Analysing System (PA66) measures various quality characteristics.


OCS_Cast Film Line_web.jpg

OCS Cast film line with Measuring Extruder (ME) and Modular Film Analyser (MFA) for spectroscopical measurements (APLAIRS), or gloss (OGM), haze & transmission (OHM) measurements. 

The independence of the laboratory equipment in particular plays a decisive role in the development of biopolymers in R&D environments. Starting with OCS pellet scanner up to film analysis systems, these OCS solutions ensure absolute quality control and assurance. They control and influence the quality characteristics of biopolymers such as additives, matrixes, master batch compounds, or size and shape.


At the same time, direct results, fast reaction and direct handling during the production process of biopolymers are increasingly significant. The continuous control of biological stabilizers, lubricants, anti-blocking agents, antioxidants and other additives has become an indispensable part of ongoing production processes.


By using OCS equipment, the polymer process capability is highly increased, and the quality growth, constancy and operation costs for the plant are significantly improved. When used as on-line system to optimize the process control, they shorten the response and product change time, and provide quality assurance.


The OCS raw material analyzers are modular concepts and applicable on OCS heavy duty industrial equipment for a fully automated testing line that fulfills the needs of  quality control, traceability as well as error detection.


Furthermore, the feeder for the smooth pellet transportation facilitates the connection between production lines and measurement systems.



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