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WM presents its largest steel rule cutting machine
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:JK    Date:06.Oct.2020

WM Thermoforming Machines organized two Tech Days in its headquarters in Stabio, Switzerland, and presented the FC 1000 IM2. It is the largest steel rule cutting machine of the FC Speedmaster Plus series, with 1060 x 750 mm forming area, 130 Ton clamping force, trim in place and in-line cutting, all-in-one upper & lower 3rd motion and pre-clamping system and a 4th generation robot stacker.


WM Thermoforming Machines organized two Tech Days.

Luca Oliverio, sales Director of WM, explained the functioning of the machine step-by-step, starting from the unwinding unit with automatic lifting system, asynchronous motor and inverter to prevent scratches in the sheet, then proceeding to the heating system consisting in two heating panels (upper and lower) sliding on prismatic guides to avoid vibrations, to the forming group made of two moving platens (upper and lower) guided on four columns with the possibility of in-mould cutting, and positive or negative forming.


Then to the punching press, with two moving platens on three columns, the cutting press with mould locking system and XY regulation, and the robot stacker that guarantees great flexibility and stacking speed as shown with the PET trays produced during the presentation.


The machine on display mounted the tooling by the Polish mould maker KGL, and the new in-line pack off solution by WM, the D-lifter.


Several partners of WM attended to the event, each of them bringing their specific knowledge including the mould maker KGL, a grinder manufacturer, a supplier of industrial automation.


Soon after the event, the FC 1000 IM2 will be shipped to the USA to WM’s American partner Sencorpwhite to be displayed in their facility in Massachusetts, in order to be showcased to potential American customers.



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