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News PLEXIGLAS heat-resistant molding compound for automotive and lighting industries
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:JK    Date:16.Oct.2020

With the new PLEXIGLAS Optical HT, the Molding Compounds Business Unit of Röhm introduces a heat-resistant special molding compound providing the excellent optical quality, even at increased continuous service temperatures. It is the latest molding compound of Röhm’s portfolio of branded polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA).


PLEXIGLAS Optical HT provides optical efficiency at the high standard of PLEXIGLAS 8N, in combination with an increased heat deflection temperature similar to the PLEXIGLAS Heatresist product family. 

In addition, the new special molding compound offers good weather resistance and durability. This new product provides innovative designers with advanced creative possibilities for automotive headlamps or luminaire components.


PLEXIGLAS Optical HT is well suited in the automotive industry for LED headlight optics.

The materials used in optical components for automotive headlamps, high-power floodlights or road lighting, are usually subject to high standards. However, new trends in product design increase the thermal requirements on the materials to be used even further. For example, the use of high-performance LEDs with simultaneously smaller component depths.


Generally, increased heat deflection temperature is synonymous with loss of optical quality, even if such a loss is minimal. Not with PLEXIGLAS Optical HT; it combines increased heat deflection temperature with excellent optical properties in one product.

PLEXIGLAS Optical HT is suitable for processing with all standard thermoplastic methods. The flow properties are comparable to those of known basic molding compounds and allow the production of complex optical components.


Increased continuous service temperature compared to industry standard creates new opportunities for luminaire design.

“PLEXIGLAS Optical HT was designed specifically for applications where high-performance LEDs are used,” emphasized Dr. Rüdiger Carloff, Project Manager at Innovation Management Methacrylates at Röhm, who has managed the product development. “It can resist temperatures up to 105°C. This is confirmed by the RTI rating according to the UL 746B standard.”


“We believe that PLEXIGLAS Optical HT provides an excellent material solution for long light guides and other demanding optical components of headlamps, which are all subject to high thermal stress,” said Dr. Sivakumara Krishnamoorthy, Senior Product Manager Automotive in the Molding Compounds Business Unit at Röhm.


Dr. René Kogler, Head of Product Management for Lighting, Extrusion, Optics at Röhm adds, “We responded to the market’s demand for higher heat deflection temperature of optics to provide greater design flexibility for luminaires with PLEXIGLAS Optical HT. 15°C increase in continuous service temperature compared to the current standard. This opens new doors in luminaire design without loss of clarity and transmittance.”



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