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Leybold offers new dry pump for rough vacuum applications
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:JK    Date:21.Oct.2020

Leybold has introduced the uncomplicated, dry rough vacuum CLAWVAC pump especially for rough industrial processes. Besides food processing, packaging and environmental technology applications, it is suitable for drying and sterilization processes.


The pump, which is offered in three pumping speed classes, is specially designed for continuous operation at every working pressure. Additionally the special pump design avoids that oil comes into contact with pumped gases, what allows higher Oxygen applications.


At the same moment, Leybold has also offered with the CLAWVAC System series a new multiple pump system. These systems are based on CLAWVAC and offer a redundant plug-and-play solution.


The CLAWVAC pump is developed especially for rough industrial processes.

The daily use of CLAWVAC is uncomplicated: Thanks to the self-supporting construction, the vacuum generator is easily accessible and it is allowed to directly clean the pump on-site. The simple handling of the robust pump can also be attributed to its operating principle: A pair of claw rotors rotating in the pump stator completely free of contact and wear.


CLAWVAC also distinguishes itself from standard claw pumps on the market by the choice of materials. Rotors made of stainless steel and a corrosion-resistant coated vacuum chamber, it proves its capability even under harsh process conditions.


The modular pump design allows a quickly dismantling, opening and cleaning of the pump essentials as the pumping chamber and the silencer. For a mechanic these steps can be done in a few minutes and the frequency is purely depending on the hardness of the process. Except the 20,000 hr oil & lipseal replacement, no further regular maintenance is required and additionally it is independent of the application.


“Thanks to this pump characteristic, we have reduced the amount of servicing required and improved the environmental balance,” explained Niels Gorrebeeck, Product Manager Rough Vacuum, Leybold, Cologne.


The set-up is based on a quick component replacement.

The CLAWVAC design allows the user to disassemble and clean the claws quickly and easily as the rotors can be removed without having to readjust the synchronization. This primarily relieves customers with rough & dirty processes, whose pumps previously needed synchronization at the manufacturer side. The set-up is based on a quick component replacement, which has to ensure a minimal downtime and low service costs.


On the basis of CLAWVAC, Leybold also has implemented a new multiple pump system in its program, a powerful plug-and-play solution. Especially for packaging plants, pneumatic conveying lines or clamping devices of CNC machines the multi claw pumps are a reliable solution. This also applies to plastics processing machines, drying processes and central vacuum supplies.


Depending on the required flow rate, the systems contain two to four CLAWVAC pumps in one housing. "The robust, long-life pumps operate in an intelligent controlled dry and air-cooled solution" summarized Niels Gorrebeeck. “On top of that, CLAWVAC System only delivers the required vacuum.”


One pump is speed-controlled, that allows the exact adjustment of the generated vacuum. The intelligent control activates or deactivates the other fixed speed pumps based on the vacuum need. This speed control reduces the necessary energy consumption and CO2 emissions.



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