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Amorepacific introduces fully recyclable packaging with Dow's PE resins
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:JK    Date:03.Nov.2020

Dow's INNATE TF Polyethylene Resins for Tenter Frame Biaxial Orientation has been chosen by Amorepacific, a global beauty company from South Korea, in its new recyclable packaging.


The commercialization of tenter frame biaxially oriented polyethylene (TF-BOPE) films is a breakthrough moment in the future of sustainable packaging, providing high performance, good shelf appeal, reduced plastic weight and recyclability, enabling Amorepacific to adopt fully recyclable packaging.


In a tripartite collaboration between Dow, Amorepacific and Flair Flexible Packaging, luxury cosmetic brand Sulwhasoo, clean beauty brand primera, as well as derma cosmetic brand illiyoon, will now use all-polyethylene (PE) recyclable stand up pouch for its liquid products.


Amorepacific develops fully recyclable packaging with Dow's INNATE TF resins.

Dow's INNATE TF resins were selected due to its benefits that include toughness, appearance, pin-hole resistance, manufacturing efficiency and complete recyclability in existing recycle streams; while Flair Flexible Packaging was responsible for designing and creating the stand-up pouch.


“We are proud to partner with Amorepacific, a leading brand owner in the cosmetics industry, to redefine the possibilities for packaging. Collaboration is key in advancing a circular plastics economy, thus it is important for players across the value chain to act on eliminating plastic waste and optimize our sustainability efforts together,” said Bambang Candra, Asia Pacific commercial vice president of Dow Packaging and Specialty Plastics


“Our target of reducing 700 tons of plastic consumption by 2022 is made possible through strategic partnerships, such as embracing Dow's best-in-class solutions. We chose to introduce INNATE TF-BOPE resins in our brands – Sulwhasoo, primera, and illiyoon because of its unique, fully-recyclable feature that also demonstrated strong properties and great appearance,” said Yu Minho, Packaging manager at Amorepacific.


“The stand-up pouches are designed to be functional, appealing and entirely recyclable. With Dow's INNATE TF resins, we were able to develop a packaging solution that support a circular economy where recyclers receive useful materials and consumers are empowered to recycle more,” commented Hanil Lee, senior vice president of Technology at Flair Flexible Packaging Corp.


Dow recently also announced the innovative and revolutionary INNATE TF-BOPE and its applications with a variety of value chain members. The resins offer distinctive physical properties which enable material substitution, film layer elimination and/or downgauging to reduce overall packaging materials.


It can help deliver lighter, stronger and more durable packaging films for numerous applications. INNATE TF boasts a variety of benefits that include higher mechanical properties, material rigidity, better optical and printing performance, hence addressing the many needs of the packaging value chain.


INNATE TF has been recognized as a 'design for recyclability' solution, enabling more plastic packaging to be recycled and not end up in the environment or lost to landfills.



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