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MAAG’s new pump series allows quick and frequent product changes
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:JK    Date:06.Nov.2020

MAAG Group has launched the new FQ series/kit for the existing pump portfolio. FQ keeps up with the new-age fast paced production processes, lifting the capabilities of the external gear pumps to ease the needs of the customer and the industry.


The ‘quick cleaning’ version of FQ is being released for the production facilities with a constant need to clean and wash the transfer line at the end of each production batch, different colours, different additives. The pump can be disassembled at the quickest without needing to dismantle the drive shaft from the drive motor and the seal.


MAAG Group has launched the new FQ pump.

This feature can be applied also on the existing pump series - CX, TX, FX, DX by using the FQ kit or the pump can be selected as a FQ model itself. The FQ can change the production and maintenance style of the customers without compromising on the desired operating characteristics.


The FQ kit also provides flexibility and functionality with easy maintenance and part replacement possibilities.


Moreover, to accommodate varied range of process fluids and flowrates, the seal flange can accommodate different pump sizes, for example, the DX 20 can be converted to DX 20/10 or 20/5 and FX 22 can be converted to FX 22/14 or FX 22/8. In this way, the drive configuration and seal flange can be retained and there can be a possibility to have variations in flow rate depending on the size of the pump that will be installed.


The FQ pump is currently available for the following sizes:

  • DX 20/20 - 20/10 - 20/5

  • FX 45 - 36 - 28 - 22 - 22/14 - 22/8

  • CX/TX 45 - 36 - 28 – 22




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