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Additively manufactured hot runner of HASCO named Streamrunner
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:JK    Date:10.Nov.2020

HASCO hot runner's official market launch of the additively manufactured hot runner system at the K 2019 fair attracted a great deal of interest. Since then, a number of successfully implemented customer projects have served to confirm the advantages of the system. HASCO hot runner has now adopted the name of Streamrunner for this innovative technology to enable its clear identification and differentiation.


The Streamrunner is an additively manufactured hot runner manifold offering maximum freedom of design. Using this technology, flow channels can be configured with the optimum rheological layout, avoiding sharp edges and areas with poor flow.


Streamrunner is the new, additively manufactured hot runner system from HASCO hot runner.

The gentle passage of the melt through the manifold makes for considerably lower shear stress in the material, resulting in better quality mouldings. And the flow-optimised design speeds up colour changes too, since the melt can be divided and deflected over generous radii.


The complete absence of diverting elements means the Streamrunner can be produced in a particularly compact design. Very tight spacing down to 18 mm is also possible for high cavity systems, depending on the application in question.


The height of the manifold can also be restricted to 26 mm, making it considerably smaller than other manifolds on the market. Used in conjunction with separately controlled nozzles, the advantages of this unique system become even more apparent.


The Streamrunner is opening up completely new options in hot runner technology. Employing simulation-based analyses, the specialists at HASCO hot runner can configure specific solutions tailored to individual assignments.



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