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Amcor Purchasing Conference highlights sustainable medical packaging
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:JK    Date:13.Nov.2020

The Amcor Purchasing Conference was held today (Nov 13) concurrently with the 3rd Edition CPRJ Medical Plastics and Rubber Conference & Showcase. 

At the conference, Joseph Lee, Sr. FTS Manager – Healthcare of Amcor talked about the sustainable development of medical packaging.




“Amcor has been working on the sustainable development of medical packaging by creating a closed loop between raw materials, production, transportation, filling, retail, consumers and back-end of plastics life-cycle,” Joseph Lee introduced.

“For example, to increase CE-certified raw materials, bio-based materials or renewable materials, and to evaluate the carbon footprint of various materials by adopting the ASSET life cycle management evaluation system at the front-end of the production," he explained.

Joseph Lee1_web.jpg

Joseph Lee, Sr. FTS Manager – Healthcare of Amcor.

According to Joseph Lee, Amcor’s current medical recyclable packaging solutions include molded film packaging, low barrier packaging, medium and high barrier composite film packaging, ultra-high barrier composite film packaging, and high barrier high temperature cooking composite film packaging.


“At present, medical packaging products of Amcor have achieved 53% recyclability in the Asia-Pacific region. Meanwhile, the recyclability of medical application solutions in the Chinese market is relatively lower,” he said. “It is because China has implemented strict regulations on medical packaging materials, therefore we are facing challenges to increase the recyclability of medical packaging.”


In addition to sustainable development, the conference also discussed other hot topics, such as water-based solvent solutions, PVC-free solutions, degradable materials and smart workshop upgrades.


Conference participants were interested in the products showcased by Amcor. 





Some of the medicial packaging solutions of Amcor.  

The VIP Gala Dinner


The organizer of the 3rd Edition CPRJ Medical Plastics and Rubber Conference & Showcase hosted the VIP Gala Dinner last night (Nov 12). Guests toasted for the success of the conference and had further networking.







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