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Circularise and Porsche to enable plastics traceability in vehicles
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:JK    Date:16.Nov.2020

Circularise, the blockchain supply chain transparency provider, as part of the Startup Autobahn innovation program, has launched a project with Porsche and its pioneering material suppliers – Borealis, Covestro and Domo Chemicals – to enable the traceability of plastics on blockchain and to ensure that the use of sustainable materials in Porsche cars can be proven.


By digitizing materials Circularise was able to create a digital thread through the whole supply chain, enabling material traceability, tracking the CO₂ footprint and other sustainability metrics like water savings.


Getting information from supply chains has always been a challenge because of the inherent complexity of the supply chains and the multitude of suppliers, also concerns around trust, privacy and confidentiality. That is why blockchain is offering such a solution to transparency challenges in supply chains.


Porsche and Circularise launch blockchain traceability project in cooperation with Borealis, Covestro and Domo Chemicals.

A number of suppliers who can deliver sustainably produced materials for the automotive industry were involved in this project to realize the final outcome. Each batch of material was digitized on the blockchain receiving a digital copy called digital twin. The digital twin carries all relevant information regarding the batch, such as its environmental footprint and origin. This digital thread created transparency between project partners leading to improved supply chain collaboration.


However, the companies cannot simply create a digital twin. First, the batch of materials needs to be audited by an independent third party to verify that the material and related claims are true.


Once the materials are digitized, the parties along the supply chain can now update the digital twin mimicking the physical supply chain and reflecting the manufacturing processes along the lifecycle of the product. Due to Circularise’s “Smart Questioning” technology this process can happen while preserving everyone’s privacy regarding their identity and business relations and protecting confidential information.


Not only this approach helps car manufacturers to make better decisions for the next generations of vehicles and support end-of-life recycling approaches, it also helps final consumers to learn more about their vehicle and its origins, enabling them to make more sustainable choices and ultimately reducing the environmental impact across the whole value chain.



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