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Nordson screws used in machines for COVID-19 testing consumables production
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:JK    Date:19.Nov.2020

Rocheleau Tool & Die Co. has ordered dozens of Nordson Corporation’s Xaloy screws and barrels to equip blow molding machines for use by manufacturers of pipettes that are essential components of COVID-19 test procedures.


International suppliers of products for medical testing have invested heavily to expand production of plastic laboratory consumables to meet global demand for COVID-19 testing. 


Nordson Corporation’s Xaloy screws and barrels.

For the manufacture of LDPE pipettes, Rocheleau has encountered a massive demand for its blow molding systems. Rocheleau is equipping this machinery with Xaloy components from Nordson, including bimetallic barrels with X-800 linings and Fusion barrier screws.  


“Each machine includes components from multiple vendors, and Nordson has provided us with confidence by delivering screws and barrels from its Austintown, Ohio facility ahead of schedule, enabling us to focus on other issues that demand attention,” said Steven R. Rocheleau, President of Rocheleau Tool & Die Co.


Rocheleau's blow molding system.

The Xaloy Fusion screw was specified for the project because of its ability to maintain a consistently low melt temperature while producing high output rates, noted Rob Cook, Nordson manager of processor sales in the Americas.


“While regrind based on blow molding trim is more sensitive to process variables than virgin resin, the Fusion screw ensures a uniform melt,” noted Cook. “The low melt temperature permits shorter cooling times and more parts per minute, and it supports pipette manufacturers’ use of heat-sensitive additives for certain products without the need to change the equipment setup.”


The pipettes for COVID-19 test procedures.

The X-800 lining for the Xaloy barrels is a nickel-based alloy with tungsten carbide that provides a longer working life than alternative carbide inlays.


Xaloy screws and barrels are basic components for the extrusion and molding of medical products, personal protection equipment, and packaging used for combating COVID-19, added Seeni Congivaram, director of sales and marketing for Xaloy products.



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