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Sanner increases healthcare packaging production by over 10%
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:JK    Date:19.Nov.2020

The demand for effervescent vitamin C tablets, as well as for other nutritional supplements is increasing and has led to supply bottlenecks, especially during the COVID-19. As the market leader for effervescent tablet packaging, Sanner recognized the challenges early on and acted quickly.


"We already expanded our capacities in May and were able to meet the increased demand and maintain our delivery capability," said Dr. Johannis Willem van Vliet, Managing Director of the Sanner Group.


As Peter Hülsmann, Head of Purchasing and Material Disposition at sanotact GmbH, confirmed, "especially in troubled times, it becomes clear who is a reliable partner. Therefore, I would like to thank the entire Sanner team for their delivery reliability in Corona times."


Sanner has expanded its production capacity as the other nutritional supplements is increasing.

In addition to an enormous sales increase of around 30% in the classic DASG 1 desiccant closure, Sanner also recorded a rising demand for tubes manufactured in the IML process and drop-in desiccant solutions such as AdCap and AdPack.


In addition, medical devices such as components for COVID-19 and other rapid tests as well as inhalers are also in greater demand. In total, Sanner increased its global production by more than 10%. The company and its employees have been working extra shifts in both Germany and China since May.


At the German site in Bensheim, three new machines for the production of desiccant closures were put into operation and additional staff were hired.


"We expect demand for our products to remain very high," says van Vliet. "In order to further expand our capacities and, above all, to produce with the latest digital and sustainable technologies, we are currently planning to move the Bensheim plant to the new Stubenwald II industrial park".


In 2025, Sanner plans to fully commission the new site, which will cover an area of approximately 30,000 square meters.


Penny Humphries, Operations Manager at Aviz Laboratories in South Africa, confirms that the company is doing this excellently worldwide. “We have had a very successful relationship with Sanner for a number of years now, with constant supply and excellent quality. During Covid-19, the fantastic service from Sanner became even more apparent. There has never been a time where Sanner has let us down and they always work incredibly hard to find solutions for us.”



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