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Hitachi and DENSO collaborate to drive smart manufacturing in SE Asia
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:JK    Date:19.Nov.2020

Hitachi Asia (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has announced the start of its collaboration with DENSO International Asia Co., Ltd. to achieve greater digitalization in the smart manufacturing industry across Southeast Asia through Hitachi’s Lumada and DENSO’s Lean Automation.


With this collaboration, both companies will provide new solutions which combine the strengths of Hitachi's Lumada and DENSO's data collection technology (ORiN Technology), which is applied for productivity improvement and Lean Automation.


Hitachi’s Lumada offers digital solutions for factory management.

Hitachi’s Lumada provides digital solutions for the management of factories while DENSO’s data collection solutions by using ORiN Technology provides data from various factory automation equipment simply and easily. Both companies aim to invigorate the manufacturing sector with this partnership. The new solutions will be made available to businesses, from small and medium enterprises to large companies, in Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries.


Hitachi launched the Lumada Center Southeast Asia in 2018 to offer digital innovations such as IoT solutions that can facilitate the co-creation of customized solutions to suit different business challenges.


In the same year, DENSO International Asia launched their Lean Automation System Integrators (LASI) training program to provide training to local system integrators on automated manufacturing technology with the support from government agencies such as Thailand’s Ministry of Industry and Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.


DENSO International Asia's Lean Automation System Integrators (LASI) is a training program.

Both companies have been aiming to contribute to Thailand 4.0 through such initiatives, and the new collaboration will take them even further towards the goal of advancing digital transformation in Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries.


DENSO’s data collection and Lean Automation solutions include KAIZEN technology, and this complements Hitachi’s strong foundation in digital solutions, and the combined expertise from both companies will enable the co-creation of better solutions to help further advance and digitalize the manufacturing sector.


Hitachi’s Lumada Manufacturing Insights and DENSO’s IoT Data Server will come together in new solutions to provide data analysis for factories. This allows for 4M data (huMan, Machine, Material, Method) in manufacturing to be collected, analyzed and visualized digitally.


Through such analytics, businesses can have an integrated data set collected from various facilities at their fingertips and factories will be able to better implement ‘digital kaizen’ for continual improvement in their processes.


Mr. Akihiro Ohashi, Executive Director of Hitachi Asia (Thailand) Co., Ltd., said, “We are very excited to embark on this collaboration with DENSO to accelerate digital transformation in the manufacturing industry. Our aim is to contribute to Thailand 4.0 and this partnership brings to the table many more possibilities with the technologies and capabilities of both companies.”



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