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This high-barrier PE film allows 100% recyclable flexible packaging
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:JK    Date:25.Nov.2020

RKW, a leading manufacturer of excellent film solutions, and SAES Coated Films, a designer and producer of advanced coatings, have jointly developed premium performance films for sustainable food packaging that offer high protection throughout the product lifecycle.


Full recyclability is becoming one of the most important prerequisites for food packaging. While many current products adopt multi-material solutions and are thus not recyclable, mono-material PE-based packaging meets the requirements for circularity and thus contributes to global sustainability goals.


RKW and SAES Coated Films join forces to develop a new high barrier PE film for 100% recyclable flexible packaging.

And, the new high barrier PE film that aims for performance and recyclability at the highest levels. The first customers have already successfully produced recyclable mono-material pouches, also with zip, demonstrating the production efficiency and reliability of the film.


The base film is RKW’s MDO-PE, which combines excellent processability, high temperature resistance and the use of top-notch recycled materials. It can replace stiff films such as polyester or nylon, commonly laminated with PE in multi-material packaging, thus enabling the design of mono-material PE packaging.


To ensure the barrier performance required by the market, SAES applies COATHINK, a combination of water-based deposition and metallization that reduces oxygen and water vapor permeation to rates below 1. The barrier material represents less than 1-2% the weight of the packaging, as recommended by the main international guidelines on recycling.



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