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Eastman's sustainable copolyester used in iPhone 12 protective cases
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:JK    Date:02.Dec.2020

Lander, an innovative brand that bridges the gap between the outdoors and technology, has announced a new line of sustainable protection products for Apple iPhone 12 devices, including an updated version of its popular Torrey case made with Tritan Renew from Eastman.


Lander partnered with global specialty materials provider Eastman to bring Tritan Renew to the protective-case market in an industry-first adoption. Tritan Renew offers sustainability, durability and shatter-resistance while holding up against cleaning agents. With up to 50% recycled content derived from waste plastic, it is a superior and sustainable alternative to polycarbonate in protective cases.


Lander partnered Eastman to bring Tritan Renew to the protective-case market.

The Torrey case features a soft-touch, plant-based bioplastic outer layer, as well as a rigid inner layer made with Tritan Renew. In addition to using environmentally friendly materials in its products, Lander uses 100% recyclable and plastic-free packaging, soy-based ink and sustainable shipping and logistics strategies to decrease its carbon footprint.


Tritan Renew is Eastman's first product to market using molecular recycling made possible by its Advanced Circular Recycling technologies, which utilize recycled plastic as a raw material to reduce consumption of fossil-based materials and to lessen its carbon footprint.


“Lander is committed to making a positive environmental impact while offering quality device protection,” said Kirk Feller, Lander's CEO. “To that end, we're pleased to offer eco-friendly products made with sustainable materials like Tritan Renew from Eastman.”


“We're delighted to collaborate with Lander to be the first to bring Tritan Renew to the protective case market as part of the company's strategic pivot toward sustainable materials,” added Courtland Jenkins, commercial director of specialty plastics for Eastman.



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