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Mobile refrigerated container solution for COVID-19 vaccines
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:JK    Date:03.Dec.2020

Vaccine manufacturers, transport and storage providers are facing major challenges in the fight against the coronavirus, as many of these vaccines only retain their effectiveness at temperatures down to - 80°C or -112 °F according to the current state of science.


The MECOTEC from Germany has now launched a complete-one-stop-solution consisting of deep-freeze cooling, transport and storage & distribution. Immediately after production, the vaccine is frozen on site in a kind of deep cold storage.

The vaccines can then be loaded into a container and safely transported to the distribution station at constant minimum temperatures down to - 80°C or -112°F.

On site at the distribution station, the transport container then functions as a storage and distribution center.


MECOTEC has developed a mobile hybrid container solution for COVID-19 vaccines.

MECOTEC has also developed a mobile cold store solution as prototype, an industrial solution with which the vaccine can be frozen directly at the manufacturer’s facility.


For this purpose, the cold store system is located near production and the machine container is set up outside the production building. Immediately after production, the vaccine is deeply frozen in the cold store. This cold store solution can be set up anywhere where the vaccine is available for deep cooling.


The process for transport and storage of the COVID-19-Vaccines at constant minimum temperatures down to -80°C or -112°F is as follows:


The Vaccine Veils are loaded into the mobile refrigerated container in transport packaging and insulation boxes and then transported to the distribution (vaccination) center while maintaining the deep-freezing temperatures down – 80°C / -112 °F.


The process for transport and storage of the vaccines at constant minimum temperatures down to -80°C or -112°F.

At the distribution center the veils can be taken out individually. The whole process, including the location and the temperature within the container can be monitored centrally.


“The project knowledge that we have gained with the development of the prototype as well as our many years of experience in the field of cooling technology made it possible within a very short time to adapt this deep-freeze facility into a transport, storage and distribution container,” explained Jan Hüneburg, Managing Director at COOLANT, the industrial division of MECOTEC.


“Since our system is based on an active deep freezing technology, it does not require dry ice for cooling which makes it also suitable for safe international air transport,” says the Managing Director of the MECOTEC Group Enrico Klauer.



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