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Elkem's new workshop of specialized silicones for EVs opens in China
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:JK    Date:07.Dec.2020

Elkem has completed and opened a new production workshop in Shanghai, China, dedicated to the development and manufacturing of specialized silicones for hybrid and electric vehicles. This move further strengthens Elkem’s position as a leading silicones producer in China.


China is the world’s largest single market for the production and sales of electric vehicles (EV). Increased sales of hybrids and EV’s represent a substantial growth opportunity for Elkem, particularly within silicones. An EV contains on average four times more silicones than a traditional car.


Silicones contribute to safer, more reliable and more comfortable cars, as a key component in airbags, cables, hoses and tires. And Elkem is a supplier to several of the world’s top EV producers.


A grand opening ceremony of the new facility was held.

A key challenge for EV automakers is to ensure that electrical and electronic parts in are efficient, reliable and safe. Elkem develops and produces silicones solutions like BLUESIL and CAF which ensure electrical integrity (durability, electrical insulation, fire resistance) and electronic components protection (sealing, bonding, and potting of parts) that are key features required in EV’s.


“The cars of the future will be powered by electricity and built and protected with silicones. Elkem is very proud to play a key role in making greener, safer and more sustainable cities, in line with our strategy of specialization and growth, and Shanghai is the best place to ride the wave of transports electrification and renewable energy developments,” said Elkem’s senior vice president for Silicones, Frederic Jacquin.


Mr. Wu Bin, deputy chief of Minhang district, Shanghai, Mr. Tang WeiQun, deputy director of Xinzhuang Industrial Park (where Elkem Silicones Shanghai site is located), Mr. Claude Laubriet, Deputy Director of Elkem Silicones Asia Pacific, customers as well as local employees were gathered to attend the grand opening of the new facility.


The new workshop in Shanghai further increases the production capacity and represents a measure to accompany customers in their growth by providing customized and high-value products for the hybrid and electric vehicle market. A first production batch has been completed, meeting all quality specifications.



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